Salesforce Data & Metadata Backup with Salesforce Data Security

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Implements self-hosted Salesforce business continuity solution to reduce risk and secure data

This 50-year-old organization has an ongoing mission to make all forms of housing affordable across the United States. The result is a Fortune 500, government sponsored enterprise that both maintains housing stability and acts as a global thought leader in the housing market. Salesforce is used as a key CRM, with a myriad of sensitive loan data. CapStorm’s partnership assures that the data stored in Salesforce is protected against accidental data loss or corruption with the level of data security only found in a self-hosted solution.


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The organization’s Salesforce utilization increased monthly with growing data volumes and user counts. There was no way to securely protect this data against accidental loss or intentional corruption.

Salesforce data created by this organizations 10,000+ employees is highly sensitive, containing personal identifiers used in the mortgage industry. These were stored within the Salesforce platform, but a Salesforce backup solution was not inplace. This technology gap left the business in risk of data loss In addition, the Salesforce organization was under active development with frequent structure changes to accommodate growing CRM demand.


  1. Secure Data Backup

    Self-hosted databases contain incremental Salesforce data extracts.

  2. Salesforce Metadata Backup

    Salesforce metadata is backed up and automatically versioned, giving the users the abliity to rollback.

  3. Schema Replication

    Ongoing Salesforce development means that the structure also rapidly changes, High fidelity backup required that the structure of Salesforce be mimicked in the underlying backup.


Reduced risk with a self-hosted Salesforce business continuity solution. And secure, on-premise hosting that follows a strict security protocol.

Increased data visibility with a backup solution that provided validation and verification of data completeness.

And secure, on-premise hosting that follows a strict security protocol.

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