Salesforce Data & Metadata Backup with Salesforce Data Security

FedGov Enterprise Supporting Home Ownership


Utilization of Salesforce was increasing, and this enterprise needed to protect Salesforce data and metadata against accidental loss or corruption. The data stored in Salesforce was highly sensitive, containing personal identifiers including social security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. The Salesforce org was also under active development with consistent schema changes and a team of Salesforce developers supporting the organization’s 9,000+employees.


CapStorm enabled the enterprise to incrementally extract Salesforce data, metadata, and schema to relational databases that were self-hosted, ensuring the high level of data security and access control that Corp Compliance required. Data extracts were available in the relational database in near-real time with added
flexibility of CSV exports as needed. Data restore was available for Salesforce development, with data masking enforced within the configuration. On-demand restore promoted restore testing and empowered Salesforce developers to create test data sets in sandbox environments.


The enterprise reduced risk by implementing CapStorm for Salesforce business continuity while increasing data availability for reporting and operations. Multi-format export options ensured the data was digestible for each business unit in near-real time. Productivity increased with the development teams as each developer gained the ability to generate automated test data; replacing a process that was previously manual.

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