Research University Gains Access to Historical Reporting Data

CapStorm Helped a Research University Create an Operational Archive

This public, land-grant research university offers over 100 undergraduate and dozens of master’s and doctoral degree programs. Its state legislature legally designated it as a research university in 2003. 

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The university had two Salesforce orgs and needed to utilize one for an operational database.

The university was looking for a way to have an operational archive for backup and restore for historical reporting. Along with the archive, they needed to maintain their current processes to verify Salesforce data discrepancies, and make updates to the Service Cloud. With the high volume of data they worked with, the university wanted a way to weed out the data they were not using on a daily basis, while keeping the ability to view the historical archive for a specific object or individual. 


    1. Verification & Accessibility

      CopyStorm’s solution gave the research university the ability to view data that doesn’t live inside their Salesforce orgs.
    2. Data Extraction

      CopyStorm’s ETL capabilities helped facilitate the Salesforce extract the  university uses to solve for its data visibility issues. 
    3. Leveraging Imported Data

      The CS:Enable product allows the research university to import non-Salesforce data directly into their Salesforce instance.

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The research university gained an operational database that mirrors their Salesforce orgs.

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With their new ability to process records faster, the research university has gained a higher development efficiency.

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By accessing data from their SQL service backup, the university's leadership is now equipped with historical reporting analytics to drive improved business decisions.

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