Protecting Veeva Data and Customization

A Pharmaceutical Enterprise Known for Innovation

Implements business continuity for Veeva CRM with secure and validated backups.

This global pharmaceutical leader has a long history of technology-driven innovation, and Veeva, built on Salesforce, is a critical system of record leveraged in many areas of the business. The Veeva platform supports clinical trials and scientific engagements to improve the overall patient experience while driving Salesforce’s effectiveness. The multiple Veeva implementations are segmented by therapeutic area and geographical region, leading to a customized data model with millions of records. CapStorm protects this enterprise’s Veeva and Salesforce investment by enabling secure backup and recovery of Veeva CRM.

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A multi-organization Veeva implementation required a compliant solution for backup and recovery.

The sensitive data stored in Veeva was critical to business operation, including data on clinical trial results. There was also a high volume of data and customization, so any implemented solution had to support incremental replication of records as well as automatically account for any data structure changes. As a final complexity, this enterprise desired to validate the integrity of the backup in three key ways:

  1. Data Validation: A scheduled record count analysis compares the backup’s contents with the number of existing records in Veeva CRM.
  2. Restore Testing: Sandbox seeding provides zero-risk testing to validate the recovery process. 
  3. Data Utilization: Backup databases are used to drive operational reporting, resulting in natural daily data validation. 


    1. High-Frequency Veeva Backup

      CapStorm enabled an incremental, high-frequency replication from Veeva CRM into an AWS-hosted relational database. Each Veeva org owner customized the backup frequency in order to replicate key objects according to the line of business’ recovery point objective. The backup also included a dynamic schema replication, automatically updating the backup databases as the Veeva CRM or underlying Salesforce platform changed.

    2. Veeva Snapshots and Analysis

      In addition to a core data and metadata backup, the replication supported additional business objectives for data analysis, record archival, and record legal holds. In-depth data mining and consolidation enabled the business to achieve more accurate insights into the customer base and improve forecasting. With CapStorm, there are no limits on data retention, allowing for unlimited historical trend reporting. Moreover, CapStorm enabled custom data snapshots, providing tamper-proof record versioning which let the enterprise put legal holds on Veeva data without impacting the end-user. Overall, the enterprise achieved autonomy over its Veeva CRM data.

    3. Veeva Data Recovery

      A validated CRM backup is the first step toward a comprehensive business continuity strategy. The second step is a proven recovery strategy. With CapStorm, this enterprise both tested the recovery process and established a plan to mitigate data loss should a crisis occur. Sandbox seeding provided risk-free testing environments, and the DevOps team saved countless hours by eliminating manual data population. As developer familiarity with CapStorm’s solution grew, the team conserved resources and prepared for a data disaster by testing the recovery process as a part of their standard Veeva/Salesforce development cycle. 

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Protected Veeva CRM data against ransomware, corruption, and deletion.

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Enabled Veeva CRM data for off platform, near real-time reporting.

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Improved developer efficiency coupled with disaster recovery preparedness.

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