Near Real-Time Salesforce Data in Tableau

Industry Leading Manufacturer and Retailer

Bypasses native Salesforce reporting limitations with near real-time replication to Tableau

This niche manufacturer and retailer is a leader in its market, supporting various industries including automotive, consumer products, dental, and medical. The company operates out of multiple countries, but leverages a single Salesforce production organization as the primary system of record for sales and manufacturing operations. During the 10+ year partnership with CapStorm, the business experienced rapid growth and multiple acquisitions resulting in an increased Salesforce footprint. As the data volume continued to grow, CapStorm kept enabling near real-time Salesforce data visualization in Tableau.

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Native Salesforce reporting and Tableau connector limitations kept the business from gaining necessary data insights.

 Salesforce contained all critical business data needed for analytics and business intelligence purposes in a single production implementation. The organization rapidly outgrew Salesforce’s native reporting options and adopted Tableau as a way to visualize Salesforce data. In addition, the overall data volume and desire for near real-time analytics required a solution that would provide incremental Salesforce data replication.


    1. High Frequency, Incremental Data Extract

      CapStorm’s CopyStorm application created a mirror image of Salesforce data in several critical Oracle databases. Moreover, the incremental extract retrieved only new or modified records, meaning that the extract could run every few minutes. As a result, the databases reflected the near real-time state of the Salesforce production environment in a format that could be easily digested by Tableau.

    2. Schema Resilient Data Repository

      The underlying Salesforce structure changed periodically with new apps and managed packages. This changing schema needed to be replicated into the Oracle databases to keep the reporting solution in step with the current data state. Therefore, CapStorm’s solution incrementally replicated the company’s Salesforce structure in addition to the incremental replication of the data — resulting in an automatic transfer of new objects and fields to the database. This enabled new data to be available for visualization in minutes.

    3. Secure Data Storage

      CapStorm is a no-view provider, meaning the company maintained complete control over its Salesforce data extracts, including where the data was stored and who had access to it. CapStorm’s solution enabled the company to streamline its data visualization process and ensured a secondary copy of Salesforce data existed behind the company’s firewall, proactively lowering the impact of a ransomware attack.

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Self-service business intelligence leveraging Tableau's intuitive platform.

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Scalable data visualization processes to absorb data brought in by acquisition.

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Near real-time insights across the entire organization, helping streamline executive decision-making.

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