Mama Cash Gains Flexibility and Improved Data Analytics Through 10-Minute Backups

CapStorm Helps Nonprofit Gain Comprehensive Insight Into Business Data

Mama Cash, a non-profit organization established in the Netherlands in 1983, has the distinction of being the oldest international women’s fund worldwide. 

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Mama Cash encountered difficulties extracting their Salesforce data to use in other applications and reports.

To address this issue, they sought the aid of CapStorm’s solutions. The organization felt that they were limited by the speed of Salesforce’s native solutions and required a faster method of accessing essential business data backed up each day. Moreover, they needed to import this data easily into their local database to gain a comprehensive understanding of their business operations.


    1. Data Replication

      CapStorm enabled high-frequency replication of each Salesforce Production Organization’s data. These data extracts ran every 2 hours, allowing near real-time data ingestion and integration into the enterprises’ global data fabric.
    2. Data Extraction

      The incremental extract enabled high-frequency replication from Mama Cash’s Salesforce org into their local database.
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Mama Cash utilized their new on-prem access to data to develop a customer-facing portal that significantly improved the speed of grant application and approval processes.

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Mama Cash was able to pull their data out of Salesforce and into their local database in as little as 10 minutes.

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Users could now directly query their local database for use in business analytics.

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