Incremental Integration with Regulated Salesforce Data

State Agency Supporting Children, Families, & Communities

Protects a complex Salesforce implementation with over 2,000 custom objects with the help of CapStorm's data enablement solution

This agency protects the state’s most innocent citizens with services supporting children and families. While many similar agencies in other states are operating on antiquated systems, even with manual paper records, this technology driven group adopted Salesforce in order to streamline operations and best support citizens. Fulfilling the agency’s mission requires a veritable mountain of documentation, and it was no easy task to transition from a legacy system into Salesforce. The custom buildout alone of the Salesforce Org took over three years, with scheduled metadata deployments continuing well after go live. CapStorm helped protect this Salesforce Org during the implementation, served as a complement to Salesforce Einstein, and helped enhance analytics with incremental replication of data, metadata, and structure to the agency’s own relational database.

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A complex Salesforce environment with daily deployments and rising data volumes required an integration solution that scaled.

The agency had three key objectives for a solution: (1) protect both the data and metadata of the Salesforce organization against accidental loss or corruption, (2) cleanse sensitive data prior to integration with Salesforce Einstein, and (3) enhance reporting with complex analysis that could not be performed natively in Salesforce. As an added complexity, the data stored in this Salesforce organization is highly sensitive, containing PII for thousands of citizens along with documentation required by both state judicial and federal government. Other integration solutions simply could not handle the high number of custom objects and data volume in this Salesforce environment or meet the federal compliance requirements.


  1. Incremental Schema & Metadata Extract

    CopyStorm dynamically mirrored the Salesforce’s schema in the agency’s Oracle database. This replication creates an exact copy of the underlying Salesforce database with object names mapping directly to table names in the database. For example, the Contact object becomes the Contact table in the on-premises database. The structure replication is also incremental, so the ongoing deployments are simply brought down the database upon each extract. Metadata is also backed up and versioned. This provides a simple way to roll back metadata changes to a giving point-in-time while also comparing various versions.

  2. Secure Salesforce Data Extract

    The agency owns to the relational database where the Salesforce data extract is stored, with the entire data flow occurring behind the agency’s firewall. This incremental replication picks up added or modified records with each scheduled run and gives the agency full control over data access and security. The Salesforce backup can also be segmented with critical object replication occurring on a higher frequency than less critical data.

  3. Data Staging & Analysis

    The database created and maintained by CopyStorm fulfills several key functions in addition to a Salesforce disaster recovery solution. The near real-time data is used for analytics, enabling complex cross-object reporting and trend analysis. Data cleansing also occurs prior to the data flowing into Salesforce Einstein in order to meet Federal compliance requirements. Data is also available for direct Tableau integration, bypassing native connector limitations on speed and filtering. In short, the agency achieved Salesforce data autonomy – the ability to control where data is stored, how it is used, and who has access.

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Reduced risk with a secure Salesforce data and metadata backup strategy.

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Increased data insights with the ability to integrate into any out-of-the box reporting solution.

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Improved efficiency with a set-it-and-forget-it solution that automatically keeps an Oracle database in step with the current state of Salesforce.

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