Government-Sponsored Enterprise Gains Secure, Incremental Data Backups

How a GSE Reduced Risk and Introduced an SFDC Business Continuity Plan

This government-sponsored enterprise works to make home ownership and rental housing more affordable across the United States, by ensuring a reliable and affordable supply of mortgage funds remain available.

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The organization’s Salesforce utilization increased monthly with growing data volumes and user counts.

These social security numbers, phone numbers, addresses, and credit scores were stored within the Salesforce platform, but a Salesforce backup solution was not in-place. There was no way to securely protect this data against accidental loss or intentional corruption.


    1. Self-hosted databases contained the incremental Salesforce data extracts, ensuring that the data was kept behind the organization’s firewall. 
    2. Salesforce metadata is backed up and automatically versioned. This gives users the ability to rollback to a previous version of Salesforce configuration if needed. 
    3. A reliable backup required the structure of Salesforce be replicated in the underlying backup. Changes are automatically copied from Salesforce into the database, keeping the backup in-step with the current state of Salesforce. 
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The organization reduced risk with a self-hosted Salesforce business continuity solution.

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The organization increased data visibility with a backup solution that provided validation and verification of data completeness.

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The organization streamlined recovery operations with tested Salesforce data restore procedures.

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