Federal Agency Gains Data Sharing Capabilities Across Organization

CapStorm Helps Agency Gain Complete Control Over Its Salesforce Data

This federal agency was formed in 2003.

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The federal agency was faced with several challenges involving data integration and sharing.

The most significant problem they faced was the gradual integration of Salesforce data into Databricks to enable seamless data sharing across the enterprise. Due to the high volume of Salesforce data and the intricate nature of the Salesforce org, most solutions were deemed infeasible. Furthermore, the agency was committed to maintaining complete control over the data throughout the process, necessitating a solution that did not introduce undue security risks, like a vendor-hosted solution.


    1. Data Replication

      CapStorm facilitated high-frequency replication of Salesforce data to the agency’s AWS-hosted database. The SFDC data was mirrored off-platform and used as a staging area to replicate data to Databricks.

    2. Data Backup

      A backup of Salesforce data and metadata was provided to protect against data loss, corruption, and ransomware attacks.

    3. Sandbox Seeding

      The team leveraged the data backup to seed Salesforce sandboxes, eliminating manual effort.

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After achieving a single source of truth across Salesforce and other data repositories, the agency was able to streamline internal reporting and improve executive decision-making.

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The agency established a strategy for SFDC backup and restore, including a validated backup and test recovery process to reduce risk.

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In partnership with CapStorm, the agency has implemented a system to ensure complete control over their Salesforce data, from start to finish.

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