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Unlock the full potential of your critical SFDC data while keeping it safe from the threats of ransomware and data corruption.

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600+ Salesforce Users in 48+ Countries

We’re Trusted By

600+ Salesforce Users in 48+ Countries

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It’s Your Salesforce Data, Manage it Your Way

By leveraging advanced historical reporting, your data can become the driving force for success.

Backup & Recovery

Data Integration & Reporting

Sandbox Seeding

Compliance & Governance

Data Export & Import

With the rise in ransomware and data corruption, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure your Salesforce data is safe. Our solution features point-in-time recovery that replicates your data, metadata, and structure into a database that is entirely your own.

Looking to truly leverage your SFDC data reports and dashboards? Enjoy the power of incremental data extractions up to every 3 minutes to get a better picture of your business and gain an industry edge over your competition.

Our capabilities enable your team to create valuable testing environments that help you identify areas for improvement. Our Salesforce sandbox seeding solution is repeatable, eliminating the need to struggle with poor sandbox seeding and manual data loads.

Wondering how to meet the ever-changing Salesforce compliance requirements? In today’s fast-paced, heavily-regulated digital environment, you need a partner that gives you a true 360-degree view of your data.

Empower your team by slashing 40% or more time off complex Salesforce data migrations. With CapStom, it’s easier than ever with our solution designed for a wide array of purposes, including cleansing & business continuity.

The CapStorm Difference Competitors CapStorm
Automated SFDC backups check check
SFDC data disaster recovery check check
Sandbox seeding check check
Salesforce data replication check check
Incremental backups & extractions up to every 3 minutes x check
Full control over your SFDC data x check
Self-hosted backup & recovery databases x check
Granular field-level encryption capabilities x check
Geographical compliance x check

What Our Users Say

“We successfully implemented a Salesforce reporting database conversion project with CopyStorm. The process was completely painless.”
Larry Blake,
Managing Director
“CapStorm’s solutions effortlessly and incrementally replicates our organization’s Salesforce data, metadata, and structure to a SQLServer database hosted in AWS for direct Tableau integration.”
Pahniti (Tom) Tosuksri,
Director of HomeKeeper
“I found CapStorm on the web and was like, ‘Yes! This is perfect!’ It runs so fast and easily, and you can even run on any kind of OS.”
Andjela Tomic,
Database Management & Reporting Officer

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