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As most admins know, migrating Salesforce Knowledge from one org to another can be quite overwhelming. In this week’s episode of Data Unleashed, Drew walks you through some of the scenarios where this process might be needed. Whether it’s org migrations, mergers and acquisitions, or a divestiture, you’ll often find the Knowledge base needs moved from one org to another. This migration is made even more time-consuming when you consider things like Salesforce’s ability to have only one version of a Knowledge article be in a status of “published” or “draft.” If you want the versions in chronological order, a good deal of work needs to be done.

Luckily CapStorm is here to help you with all of your Knowledge migration needs. We can handle your Knowledge migrations seamlessly, by simply pointing an application at a source org, as well as the target, tell it to migrate the Knowledge, and it will move from Org A to Org B. All without any manual intervention, and the version history is 100% intact.  

Tune in each Tuesday for more episodes of Data Unleashed, and discover all the tips and tricks to help you get more value from your investment in Salesforce. In addition, we would love to hear from you if you are looking for a fast, easy, and highly secure way to protect your Salesforce data & metadata! Contact an SFDC data expert or send us a message on LinkedIn!


Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Drew Niermann, and you’re watching Data Unleashed, the video blog series dedicated to helping you get more out of your investment in Salesforce.

Today’s topic is going to be centered around Salesforce Knowledge and, specifically how you can migrate it from org A into org B. The scenario that I’m talking about here is intended to be like an org migration merger or divestiture type of scenario. 

Oftentimes, when a merger or acquisition happens, the Knowledge base that exists in one Salesforce org needs to be carried over to another. However, as you probably know, Salesforce’s Knowledge object has a handful of nuances that can make it quite difficult to migrate the data. For example, when you create a Knowledge article, or versions of that article, anytime you edit a knowledge article, Salesforce actually creates a new version of that article for each edit and save action that you take. 

Additionally, only one version of your Knowledge articles can be in a status of Published. And only one version can be in a status of Draft. Every other version gets archived by Salesforce when you need to migrate this data or these Knowledge articles. In order to get the version history hierarchy in the appropriate order. There’s a good bit of math that has to be done on the back end when migrating the data to insert the versions in reverse order so that they look chronologically intact when you migrate to the target Org.

Additionally, Knowledge articles often contain images or pictures stored in rich text fields, those can be difficult to migrate over as well. What I am proud to say is that the company that I work with, called CapStorm, handles all of this seamlessly. So you point an application at a source or you point it at a target, tell it to migrate the Knowledge and it moves seamlessly from org A into org B without any manual intervention on your part with all of the version history 100% intact.

So if you’re a migration consultant, or if you have trouble with Salesforce Knowledge, please give us a call. You can reach out to CapStorm at, or drop me a note on LinkedIn. Again, Drew Niermann, Data Unleashed. Thank you so much for watching.

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