Unlock the Power of Integrations With Off-platform Salesforce Backups

Before diving into integrations, it’s essential to understand the significance of off-platform Salesforce backups. These backups serve as a safety net for your Salesforce data, protecting it from accidental deletions or corruption. But its potential doesn’t stop at data backup or restoration.
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When off-platform Salesforce data is integrated with other system data, it offers a range of capabilities that can transform how you manage your data and the value you can garner from it. In short, you gain the ability to supercharge your Salesforce strategy with an off-platform backup solution. 

Let’s not forget the value of off-platform Salesforce backups:

Now, let’s discuss a few of the capabilities you’ll gain with having a Salesforce backup off-platform that you use for downstream use cases in the enterprise data fabric.

Data Migrations

Sandbox seeding, Org consolidations, depreciation of org, or simply moving data. By replicating the data in a secured and off-platform environment, you eliminate the risk of data corruption during transit with limitations in your ability for a rollback. 

Analytics and Reporting

An in-platform backup creates silos when it comes to insights waiting to be unlocked, tracking historical trends, and generating additional reports. In addition, custom reporting in-platform almost always takes time or requires a Salesforce administrator for support.

Access Controls and Encryption

Data security is a top concern. Once you pull data from Salesforce and integrate into your third-party applications, Salesforce Shield rules do not apply. Therefore, it is important to have a solution that enables encryption and obfuscation across the entire data fabric. For enterprise environments that are highly regulated, this is critical. With the access controls of an off-platform Salesforce backup solution like CapStorm, you can mitigate the risk of data exposure that various factors like cyberattacks, accidental deletion, or data corruption may cause. No matter what happens, your data remains protected and in compliance with outside regulations.

Integrating Salesforce backups, off-platform, with your existing tech stack is a game-changer and will improve the performance of your org. These integrations not only enhance your ability to recover the data but also streamline data-related processes, provide better insights, and ensure your security posture remains intact.

Data is the currency for customers, and unlocking the potential to better monetize the outcomes with integrations of off-platform Salesforce backups is a critical path item for achieving excellence in Salesforce Data Management. 

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Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Ted Pappas and welcome to Radical Transparency. In this video series, we’ll talk about why making your Salesforce backup, both accessible and verifiable off platform is critical to your business.

In this video series, we’ll follow Salesforce’s pillar of equal education; my goal is very simple. It’s to make sure that everyone in the Salesforce community is equally educated with the art of possible for Salesforce data off platform. 

And today we’re going to talk about unlocking the power of a Salesforce backup by virtue of integrations into other data sources in the enterprise data fabric. But let’s not forget the importance of backup, a backup off platform that’s accessible and verifiable. 

The first thing it does, it eliminates the data silo created by Salesforce. The second it does, it allows you to archive data and reduce some of the storage costs associated with having to level up and storage. We talked about this in the last video series. And the third thing is it does is extends the Salesforce shield rules for off-platform data.

But that’s the backup let’s talk about the capabilities that you’ll get supercharging the Salesforce data when the data comes out of platform, and the first thing is in migrations. 

So whether you’re seeding sandboxes, whether you’re doing org consolidations, whether you’re doing org mergers or for some reason you happen to just be deprecating Salesforce, the ability to access data off platform to verify its referential integrity and to move it from source to target from Salesforce org one, to Salesforce org two is paramount for migrations for data off platform. 

The second capability is around integrations for analytics and reporting. If you’ve got a direct connect between Salesforce and Snowflake, if you’ve got direct connect between Salesforce and Tableau, if you have a direct connect between Salesforce and Redshift, or Salesforce and Qlik, Salesforce and Power BI, there’s a data silo that exists – the ability to integrate that Salesforce data off platform with other data sources – and then integrate it through the enterprise data fabric, and then reverse ETL that back into the source after the data has been enriched or enhance is a capability that you cannot achieve in-platform. 

And the third I talked about a few minutes ago is all of the GRC use cases. Whether the data is archived for things like legal holder storage, or whether it’s in transit for migration, the ability to encrypt that data as it moves across the wire, or the ability to encrypt the data, as it just quite candidly sits at rest is not achievable if it’s in-platform and has to come out of platform. 

So capabilities around migrations, advanced analytics, and reporting. And all of the GRC use cases for encryption at rest are capabilities you’ll gain with off-platform Salesforce backups. 

So my name is Ted Pappas; please follow me on LinkedIn, please visit us at capstorm.com Most importantly, please come back to this channel next Thursday for another episode of Radical Transparency. Thank you very much.

Ted Pappas

Ted Pappas

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