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This content and service to the Salesforce community are essential to us here at CapStorm. However, when it comes to helping maximize your data, we feel a sense of duty to help others solve some of the most common and complex challenges related to their Salesforce data. Join us on LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, or!

In March of 2023, CapStorm launched its first-ever managed service offering, CS:Managed. Historically, we’ve offered a self-hosted backup and recovery solution and features such as data enablement, governance/compliance, sandbox seeding, and so much more. With this new product came a new way for customers to maintain data autonomy, and in Episode 28, Drew tells you how.

With CS:Managed, customers get the value of incremental backups, backup validation, and more without having to deal with the infrastructure or database storage. This is perfect for any organization looking for a simple solution for their Salesforce backup and recovery needs. With our Salesforce daily backup service, our team will manage all backups, environments, configurations, and more, making it easier than ever for you to protect and manage your data with the confidence that it is verifiable and accessible off-platform.

Tune in each Tuesday for more episodes of Data Unleashed, and discover all the tips and tricks to help you get more value from your investment in Salesforce. In addition, we would love to hear from you if you are looking for a fast, easy, and highly secure way to protect your Salesforce data & metadata! Contact an SFDC data expert or send us a message on LinkedIn!


Video Transcription

Hi, my name is Drew Niermann, and you’re watching Data Unleashed, the video blog series dedicated to helping you get more out of your investment in Salesforce.

Today, I’m going to talk a little bit about a new product offering the company that I worked for brought to market in March of 2023. If you don’t recall, I work for an organization called CapStorm. We are a Salesforce data management platform, giving Salesforce customers a pathway to ownership and control over their data. 

Historically, we have offered a self-hosted backup and recovery solutions along with data enablement governance and compliance, sandboxing and analytics. What we’ve done more recently is we’ve taken our data management platform and made it available as an as-a-service or managed product offering. 

In short, you still get all of the value of incremental backups, sandbox seeding, disaster recovery, backup, validation, and more. But you don’t have to manage the infrastructure, the network, the security, the database storage, and so on. 

So if you’re a small to midsize business, and you’re looking for a simple way to handle Salesforce backup and recovery, or you don’t want to manage the infrastructure, or snapshotting of databases for backups, give us a call. You can reach out at or drop me a note on LinkedIn. Thank you so much for watching Data Unleashed. My name is Drew Niermann.

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