Why Government Contractors Must Invest in a Self-Hosted Salesforce Backup Solution

Government contractors play a critical role in supporting the operations and initiatives of our public sector. However, navigating the world of government contracts comes with challenges, particularly regarding compliance requirements for Salesforce data. With numerous regulations and ever-increasing data security concerns, ensuring the integrity and availability of your Salesforce data should be an essential part of your day-to-day.
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So why should government contractors prioritize implementing a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution that provides client protection and maintains compliance standards amidst an increasingly complex digital landscape? It’s simple. A self-hosted Salesforce backup is not just a luxury anymore but an essential investment for any contractor serious about securing sensitive data.

The Benefits of a Self-hosted Salesforce Backup Solution

Regarding safeguarding sensitive data, government contractors should have a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution in the back pocket. With a self-hosted solution, all data is stored locally on the contractor’s on-prem or private cloud server instead of a SaaS solution, which hosts the data on their server, increasing the likelihood of data security risk. A self-hosted solution provides an extra layer of security over your data. It allows for peace of mind, knowing that your data is not subject to the potential vulnerabilities of a SaaS vendor’s cloud. 

There are many benefits to using a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution, including improved data security, enhanced compliance, and reduced risk. Let’s take a deeper dive into why these matter. 

Improved Data Security

When it comes to protecting data, a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution provides many benefits over traditional backup methods, including improved data security. As previously mentioned, a self-hosted Salesforce backup allows your data to be stored on your own on-prem or cloud-based servers, not on Salesforce’s or another SaaS vendor’s servers, meaning that only necessary team members have access to data, making it much more difficult for individuals to gain unauthorized access.

In addition, a self-hosted Salesforce backup allows users to encrypt their data at rest, giving an additional layer of data protection and ensuring that even if someone does gain access to their servers that shouldn’t, the unauthorized user cannot interpret the data.

Enhanced Compliance

In the wake of recent data breaches, many companies are re-evaluating their data security protocols. For government contractors, safeguarding sensitive data is not only a best practice but a legal requirement. Self-hosted Salesforce backups provide an extra layer of protection for their most sensitive data by storing it securely, external to the Salesforce application.

Moreover, a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution can help when complying with government regulations. Many regulatory agencies require companies to keep backups of their data in case of a disaster or breach. With self-hosted Salesforce backup, users can ensure their data is always safe and compliant.

If an organization is looking for a reliable and compliant solution for backing up their sensitive data, a self-hosted Salesforce backup is the way to go! 

Reduced Risk

When working in the government contracting industry, there are data security risks that you should be aware of that could put sensitive data in jeopardy. One of the most significant risks is the handling of sensitive data. If this data falls into the wrong hands or is not adequately protected, a disgruntled employee could use it as a malicious attack to jeopardize national security. This is why government contractors need to implement a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution.

A self-hosted Salesforce backup helps reduce the risk of data loss. If a server goes down or corrupts, you could lose all of the data stored on it indefinitely. However, if backups are in place, the data can be retrieved and restored quickly, helping reduce operation disruption due to an unforeseen incident. 

A self-hosted backup is the most effective way to reduce the risk associated with working on Salesforce projects in the public sector. By having backups in place, government contractors can be sure that data is safe and secure and that unexpected incidents will not disrupt business operations.

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Gain Peace of Mind Over Government Regulations and Requirements

The U.S. government enforces a number of regulations and requirements on businesses that handle sensitive data, especially when that data is related to government contracts. In order to ensure that your business is in compliance with these regulations, a self-hosted backup solution is critical.

Some of the most important government regulations related to data storage include the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171 protocols, and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS). All of these regulations impose strict requirements on how businesses must safeguard sensitive data.

In order to meet these requirements, businesses should consider implementing a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution. Having data stored on-prem makes it much less likely that it will be lost or stolen in the event of a breach or malicious attack.

Along with meeting regulations in the United States, having a self-hosted Salesforce backup is also critical for meeting the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements in the European Union (EU). The EU regulation imposes strict requirements on businesses that process the personal data of EU citizens, and failure to comply can result in fines of multiple percentage points of annual revenue.

Complying with these regulations is essential for a government contractor to avoid losing government contracts or facing other penalties. However, even if someone is not a government contractor, complying with these regulations can help protect their business from liability in the event of a data breach. 

Follow These Steps When Implementing a Self-Hosted Salesforce Backup Solution

Ensuring the security of sensitive data means having a backup solution that meets the organization’s specific requirements. Here are industry-standard steps that government contractors should follow when implementing a self-hosted Salesforce backup solution:

By following these steps, organizations can ensure that their data is secure and available for restoration in the event of an emergency.

CapStorm is the Salesforce Backup Solution Government Contractors Can Depend On

Government contractors must take extra precautions when it comes to safeguarding sensitive data. A self-hosted Salesforce backup is one of the best ways to protect this data from potential threats and risks. And that’s where CapStorm comes in. With our CS:Govern extension, customers can ensure that confidential information is secure at all times, giving peace of mind knowing that sensitive data will remain safe and sound in the event of a disaster or security breach. 

With our ability to give granular, field-level encryption not found in any other solution, it’s never been easier to enable advanced data protection for streamlined data controls.

Investing in a reliable self-hosted backup solution for government contractors is an absolute must, and our team is standing by for any questions.

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