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The emergence of ChatGPT has quite literally taken over the world. ChatGPT has expanded the possibilities of what anyone could ever dream of when it comes to AI-powered content creation, and now, ChatGPT has influenced the Salesforce world –– World, meet Einstein GPT. On March 7, Salesforce officially introduced Einstein GPT to the community after Marc Benioff teased it in February via his personal Twitter account.
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What is Einstein GPT?

Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s newest AI model, delivering AI-generated content within the Salesforce platform. Einstein GPT is designed to help Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, and even IT/Development teams become more productive, create better customer experiences, and produce better outcomes. Not to mention it has an incredibly adorable mascot reminiscent of a very familiar, late German physicist.

How Does Einstein GPT Work for Sales?

For those who are not already familiar, Salesforce is a robust customer relationship management (CRM) tool that helps businesses manage their customer interactions and sales processes. However, it’s a known fact within the Salesforce community that many sales teams struggle to adopt Salesforce due to the pressure of meeting quotas, leaving little time to search for crucial information buried in the CRM. But fear not, as Einstein GPT is here to help!

So, how does Einstein GPT work? Let’s take an example: imagine a sales rep receives a prospect account, and they need to learn more about the company. They can open the Einstein Assistant sidebar and ask questions pertaining to account information, recent news, or updates made on the account. Einstein uses a combination of data from the CRM and external sources to generate a comprehensive response. It also suggests the next actions and opens up a view of the Account record.

As part of its response, Einstein can identify important information, such as the prospect’s plan to expand to a new region, which creates new opportunities for business. It generates a list of people involved in the expansion, including those who are not currently stored in Salesforce. The sales rep can create contact records for these individuals and surface external news for further research. Additionally, Einstein can suggest collaboration channels that give reps a competitive edge.

But that’s not all – Einstein can even generate personalized and relevant emails that reps can copy straight into their email builder. Plus, if formal language isn’t your style, Einstein can adapt the tone of the email to make it sound less formal. So, with Einstein GPT by your side, managing your CRM and winning sales just got a whole lot easier.

How Does Einstein GPT Work for Marketers?

Let’s not forget about marketers! It’s no secret that marketers across the globe have been using ChatGPT’s capabilities to create email copy, social posts, metadata, and even influence landing page copy! Marketers can now benefit from the likes of ChatGPT by using Einstein GPT to dynamically generate personalized content to engage customers and prospects across multiple attribution channels such as email and paid advertising. For example, marketing managers can ask Einstein GPT to create landing page templates and formulate campaign messaging that can be tailored and customized to ensure messaging resonates with the intended audience. 

Additionally, Elements can be added to the landing page in one click, and Einstein GPT can even surface images that fit the description the marketer gives, plus titles and customizable forms. All of these steps result in a fully built Experience Cloud landing page that is ready for lead generation. As if the creation of a landing page wasn’t impressive enough for an AI model, you can even launch the landing page from Salesforce directly or open it in Experience Cloud to continue the build if you so choose.

How Does Einstein GPT Work for Customer Service?

Have your service chatbots been giving you trouble? Well, Einstein has a solution allowing you to keep service agents native to your Salesforce org allowing for a smoother and more intuitive customer experience. The AI allows service providers to auto-generate personalized replies within a chat box, provides service teams with a full yet succinct prognosis of the outcome of a case, and can formulate Salesforce Knowledge Articles based on the chat with a customer and can be pulled from the case notes and summaries.

How Does Einstein GPT Work for Developers?

Lastly, developers can get pretty creative with the help of Einstein GPT. By using Salesforce’s proprietary language model, development teams can use the AI to generate code and get answers to complex questions related to Salesforce’s coding language, Apex! Here’s a visual example provided by Salesforce Ben

In short, Einstein GPT is a game-changing solution that can help sales teams, marketers, customer service, and development teams work more efficiently and effectively. So, if you want to boost your sales, marketing, service, and software development efforts, Einstein GPT is the way to go. It’s a powerful assistant that can help you get more done in less time, leaving you with more time to focus on what really matters: growing your business!

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