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Welcome to our Data Unleashed web series. This web series represents a collection of ideas, lessons learned, and use cases accumulated by serving Salesforce customers over the past 12+ years. If your organization uses Salesforce, this web series was designed specifically for you.
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This content and service to the Salesforce community are essential to us here at CapStorm. When it comes to helping maximize your data, we feel a sense of duty to help others solve some of the most common and complex challenges related to their Salesforce data. Join us on LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, or!

In episode 8 of Data Unleashed, we inform you how to make your Salesforce sandbox work more efficiently. One of the main problems we hear about is how difficult it can be for users to get their targeted subsets of production data into lower developer environments. Due to how complex this can be, most organizations aren’t evening doing it. Instead, they rely on Salesforce’s native tools to complete the job, leaving something to be desired.

With the self-hosted approach, you gain better control over the process. Even if you want to go down to the deepest depths of your data model, you can accomplish what is needed from your Salesforce sandbox. You can build the configurations and automation necessary to populate the desired data.

Tune in each Tuesday for more episodes of Data Unleashed, and discover all the tips and tricks to help you get more value from your investment in Salesforce. If you are looking for a fast, easy, and highly-secure way to protect your Salesforce data & metadata, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to an SFDC data expert or send us a message on LinkedIn!

Video Transcription

My name is Drew Niermann, and this is Data Unleashed, the video blog series dedicated to helping you get more out of your Salesforce investment.

One of the things that I do every day is I talk with people about how to make their Salesforce sandboxes go to work for them more efficiently and effectively. And one of the most common problems that we hear about data Unleashed is the problem of it’s so difficult to get targeted subsets of production data into lower developer environments that most organizations don’t even do it.

So sometimes, they use some of the native functionality that Salesforce offers. But it still leaves something to be desired, they’re looking for more surgical control over which subsets of related data and they want to go all the way down to the deepest depths of their data model, hundreds and hundreds of layers deep with custom objects, while preserving all of the referential integrity, their data model, it’s very difficult thing to do. 

And so what most of them end up doing is they just don’t do it, they’ll purchase a full copy sandbox or two, they’ll have 15 developers all developing and deploying and coding out of the same sandbox environment. And inevitably, the outcome is that they all stomp on each other, ruin the code. Slow down a sprint. It’s just because too many people are trying to do too many things in the same environment. 

So what if you could unleash the power of your sandboxes by getting high-quality, anonymized production data into those low-cost developer sandboxes, or partial copy or even scratch orgs in just a few minutes. 

With a self-hosted approach to Salesforce data management, that involves replicating your entire Salesforce data model data on your metadata and your schema down to a relational database, and then having the ability to push targeted subsets of hierarchies of related data into the sandboxes, you can actually build configurations, and automate or script this process so that every Monday or Wednesday, whatever, all 35 of your developer sandboxes get populated with the same gold test data set with any sensitive fields anonymized. 

It’s basically a walk in paradise for the developer where they get to have their private environment with exactly the subsets of data that they want. So if this is something that would be useful for you, or your organization, or if you just like to pick my brain and ask a few questions, please drop me a note on LinkedIn. I’d be more than happy to tell you about how our customers are doing this today. 

Thank you so much for watching. This is Data Unleashed.

Drew Niermann

Drew Niermann

Drew excels in presenting deeply technical ideas in a simple way. He supports 50 of CapStorm's top global accounts, helping each company to achieve their desired outcomes while also guiding a team of Enterprise Sales reps to identify and execute on each of their strategic pursuits.

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