Veeam vs. CapStorm for Salesforce Data Protection

Proper Salesforce data management and protection are crucial for operational success and regulatory compliance. Two solutions that offer strong Salesforce data management capabilities are CapStorm and Veeam.
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Both CapStorm and Veeam have unique strengths, catering to different organizational needs. Let’s compare the capabilities of each solution to determine which is the best fit for your organization.

What Is Veeam Used For?

Veeam provides comprehensive services to protect, back up, and ensure the availability of critical data. For Salesforce data management, Veeam offers automated, scheduled backups to consistently protect data without manual intervention. In case of data loss or corruption, Veeam allows administrators to swiftly restore specific data points or entire datasets using granular recovery options. Veeam also enables real-time data replication, ensuring a live copy of Salesforce data is always available, enhancing data integrity and availability.

The solution offers advanced encryption protocols to protect data during backup and transit. This helps safeguard against unauthorized access and ensures compliance with various regulatory requirements by maintaining data integrity and providing detailed audit trails.

Veeam’s Salesforce backup and restore solution.

CapStorm & Veeam: How Do They Differ?

CapStorm Offers Control by being Self-Hosted

CapStorm is a provider of self-hosted Salesforce data management solutions that empower users with ownership and control over their Salesforce data. Its solutions allow for automated backups with point-in-time restore capabilities, enabling precise recovery of data at any specific moment. This feature also includes customizable data retention policies to manage the data lifecycle and storage efficiently.

Another standout feature of CapStorm is its granular restore capability, which allows businesses to meticulously recover specific records or datasets without causing disruptions to the entire system. This precise recovery operation is especially advantageous for organizations that require swift error correction or need to recover from data corruption while maintaining overall system performance. CapStorm’s solutions are highly customizable, allowing businesses to adapt their data management strategies to their specific needs and regulatory requirements.

Veeam Supports Several Cloud Platforms

Aside from Salesforce, Veeam works with a few other platforms and applications, including Microsoft 365, VMware, and various cloud services. This compatibility makes Veeam one option for organizations seeking a unified backup solution across different systems.

Another differentiator is Veeam’s cloud-native backup solutions, which are designed to integrate with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. This enables businesses to leverage the scalability and flexibility of the cloud while ensuring their data is securely backed up and easily recoverable. Veeam also supports immutable backups, adding an extra layer of protection against ransomware and other cyber threats.

While both CapStorm and Veeam offer data management and backup solutions, their focus and approach differ significantly. CapStorm excels in providing self-hosted, highly customizable solutions tailored for Salesforce data management, granting businesses full control and precise recovery capabilities. Veeam, with its multi-platform support and cloud integration, offers a solution for businesses looking to protect a diverse range of data environments.

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CapStorm’s CS:Enable product allows for seamless Salesforce data integration.

Veeam vs. CapStorm: Choosing Which Salesforce Data Management Solution Is Right For You

Selecting the right Salesforce data management solution is crucial for ensuring the security, availability, and compliance of your organization’s data. Veeam and CapStorm are both prominent players in this field, but they offer different strengths and capabilities. Here’s a closer look at how they compare in key areas to help you make an informed decision.

  • Backup and Recovery: Veeam and CapStorm offer solutions, but they cater to different needs. Veeam provides automated, scheduled backups with granular recovery options, allowing swift restoration of specific data points or entire datasets. CapStorm also offers automated backups along with point-in-time restore capabilities, enabling recovery to any specific moment. This precise recovery option is particularly beneficial for businesses needing customized data retention policies and detailed recovery solutions.
  • Data Security and Compliance: Both solutions prioritize data security and compliance, but their approaches differ. Veeam employs advanced encryption and security protocols to protect data during backup and transit, safeguarding against unauthorized access. CapStorm also offers robust encryption along with more extensive compliance tools, including detailed audit logs and customizable compliance reports. These features make it easier for organizations to adhere to strict regulatory standards. 
  • Data Migration: This is one area where Veeam and CapStorm differ. Veeam focuses primarily on backup and recovery, with secondary capabilities for data migration. These capabilities are adequate for businesses that need occasional data transfers but rely on something other than migration as a core function. CapStorm on the other hand provides tools for smooth data transfers, mapping, and transformation. This makes it ideal for organizations undergoing transitions or system integrations, ensuring that migrated data fits the new environment perfectly.

By carefully evaluating the features and benefits of each solution, you can make an informed decision that ensures your Salesforce data is secure, compliant, and efficiently managed, ultimately supporting your business’s success and growth.

Below is a comparison matrix showing how CapStorm and Veeam stack up:

Comparison matrix of CapStorm and Veeam

Who Should Use CapStorm? 

CapStorm’s Salesforce data management solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of various organizations, making them a suitable choice for businesses with specific requirements like granularity and compliance. Here’s a closer look at who would benefit the most from using CapStorm.

Use CapStorm If:

  • You have complex data environments: CapStorm is ideal for companies that manage large volumes of Salesforce data and require real-time replication and seamless data migration. These organizations often deal with dynamic and rapidly changing datasets, making CapStorm’s capabilities for ensuring data consistency and availability across different environments crucial. If your business relies heavily on real-time data updates and synchronization, CapStorm can provide the necessary tools to maintain data integrity and accessibility.
  • You have to abide by stringent compliance requirements: Organizations operating in highly regulated industries, such as finance, healthcare, and the public sector, will benefit significantly from CapStorm’s extensive compliance tools. CapStorm offers robust encryption and detailed audit logs, along with customizable compliance reports, making it easier to adhere to strict regulatory standards. If your business needs to meet specific compliance requirements and ensure data security, CapStorm’s comprehensive compliance features provide a significant advantage.
  • You need near-real-time analytics: Organizations that rely on up-to-date analytics for decision-making will find CapStorm’s replication capabilities extremely beneficial. By ensuring that Salesforce data is continuously synchronized across different environments, CapStorm enables near-real-time data analysis and reporting. This is particularly important for businesses that use data insights to drive strategic decisions and respond quickly to market changes.

By leveraging CapStorm’s specialized solutions, your organization can ensure data security, compliance, and efficiency, ultimately supporting your business’s success and growth.

What Customers Say

Both CapStorm and Veeam are listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. CapStorm’s review rating from AppExchange is 4.91/5. Customers discuss its strong backup capabilities throughout their reviews, as well as its ease of use. Veeam’s aggregate average is 4.93/5, with users giving praise to its data protection capabilities.

Below are a couple of the 5-star reviews each solution has received from the Salesforce AppExchange:


CapStorm AppExchange Review


Veeam Salesforce AppExchange review

CapStorm Is Your Comprehensive Solution for Salesforce Data Management

Organizations must carefully assess their specific needs and priorities when deciding between Salesforce data management solutions. When it comes to choosing a partner, here’s how CapStorm’s backup and recovery tools protect your Salesforce data:

  • Automated backups, in near-real-time,  as often as every 3 minutes to get your business up and running faster in case of a data breach.
  • On-demand full and incremental backups for the most up-to-date data.
  • Verifiable and accessible data, safe within your own infrastructure and behind your own firewall.
  • Adherence to strict regulatory requirements through compliance features like user-access controls and data masking at the granular level. 

CapStorm gives users full, autonomous control over their Salesforce data without handing it over to a third party, regardless of the organization’s size or complexity.

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