CapStorm Crew: Will Wages, Finance & Admin Guru

One of the best things about working for CapStorm is the ability to wear many hats on any given day. And no one wears more hats than our very own Director of Finance and Administration, Will Wages. Whether it’s onboarding new employees or running payroll, he always stands at the ready to tackle any problem that might arise. Find out how this college football fanatic (Go Dawgs!) landed at CapStorm, and his plans to continue to help drive growth among the team.
Will Wages and his fiancee, Grace, pose at the beach.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I grew up in Georgia as part of a small family – with just my parents and my sister and me. In 2018 I graduated from the University of Georgia (UGA) with my Bachelor’s and MAcc. Since then I’ve lived in Atlanta with my fiancee, Grace, and our dog Billy.

What is your favorite pastime? Will and his fiancee, Grace pose with UGA's mascot.

I’m a college football fanatic (Go Dawgs!). Since I was born and raised a UGA fan, a goal of mine was always to go there for college. My dad played college football and my mom attended UGA, so I have been attending games and cheering for the Dawgs from the beginning.

How did you get started in your industry?

My dad is a CPA with his own practice. In high school, I would help him with bookkeeping and simple tax returns before football practice. I decided to major in accounting and get my CPA license like the old man!

What’s been your most interesting job so far?

During my time in public accounting, I had the chance to work on R&D tax credits for clients in some interesting industries. In this line of work, I had the opportunity to tour large manufacturing facilities across the country, meet with scientists developing pharmaceuticals targeting major diseases, and sample fragrances and flavors used in food and consumable products.

What drew you to CapStorm?

My goal has always been to run my own business one day. CapStorm provided me with the perfect opportunity to oversee the financial and administrative functions of a growing business in an environment that is collaborative, challenging, and constantly evolving.

Can you tell us about some of your day-to-day activities?

As the Director of Finance & Administration, I am responsible for bookkeeping, accounts receivable & payable, finance (forecasting, modeling, etc.), HR & payroll, insurance, deal desk activities, and more!

If you could only drink one beverage for the rest of your life what would it be? 

If there were no health risks, my answer would be sweet tea 10 times out of 10. 

Imagine it’s six months from now, what are some of your goals you hope to have accomplished here at CapStorm?

My goal is to continue to oversee the growth of CapStorm and all of its employees. At the company level, my goal is to continue to assist growth in critical financial metrics such as customer count, annual recurring revenue, retention, and more. Additionally, I seek to implement new and improved processes to automate and standardize various practices and reporting. 

Beyond financial metrics, I also care about the development of each member of the CapStorm family. Revenue growth means little if our employees do not feel that they are learning, growing, and developing as professionals in their respective roles. As such, I seek to ensure that each employee feels welcomed, satisfied, and, most importantly, challenged to encourage continuous growth!

What three words would you use to describe CapStorm?

  • Value-driven (cheating on this one with a hyphen) 
  • Advocates (for our customers and each other), and 
  • Collaborative (our small size allows for employees in various departments to work together to problem solve and achieve success)

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

I plan to take a trip to Italy with my fiancee and tour the whole country, north to south, coast as well! She has been a couple times and loves it. 

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