CapStorm Crew: Amy Evans, Our Jet-Setting Account Executive

Here at CapStorm, we are fortunate to have customers located all over the world. That makes us the perfect place for someone like Amy Evans, one of our newest Account Executives, to flex her sales chops no matter what timezone she’s in. Read on to learn more about Amy’s love of travel, how she launched her sales career, and where she spends her free time.
Amy Evans poses with her golden retriever, Teddy.

What is something unique about you (a fun fact) that few people are aware of?

My family is from London and moved to the US 3 months before I was born. I am a dual citizen of the UK and try to visit a couple of times a year. 

Can you tell us a little about your background?

I studied marketing at Georgia College and knew I wanted to go into sales when I graduated. My career has been full of ups and downs, but I firmly believe everything works out how it’s supposed to. I got my start as a sales development representative (SDR), and 6 years later, I’m now an Enterprise AE selling one of the most innovative solutions with an amazing team. 

Do you have any pets?

Amy with her dog, Teddy.

Our family dog, Teddy, is a 100-pound golden retriever and my absolute world. He lives with my parents, but luckily CapStorm’s remote work flexibility allows me to visit him regularly. 

What are your passions outside of work?

I’m a huge fan of fashion, art, and interior design. 

What was the last book you read?

‘In Defense of Food,’ by Michael Pollan. 

Who inspires you the most here at CapStorm?

Our founders, Greg and Mary, have built an incredible solution in the Salesforce ecosystem. I admire their dedication to our customers, team, and technology. Their story is what drew me to CapStorm the most during the interview process, and it’s been an honor working with them so far. 

How did you land here at CapStorm?

I worked in the Salesforce ecosystem for 5 months when I was unexpectedly laid off last spring. Our CEO Ted Pappas reached out to me via Linkedin, and I knew after our first conversation that this is where I wanted to be. 

What are some of your workday must-haves?

Lots of iced coffee, a good playlist, and some sort of movement in the middle of the day. 

How would you describe the company culture? 

Supportive and genuine. I’ve never worked anywhere where the founders were so dedicated to my success. 

What are you most proud of in your career so far? 

I’m proud of the relationships I’ve built with customers and colleagues that have stayed with me throughout my career. A new job has always meant new friends for life, and I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve met over the years.

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