How a Proper Salesforce Backup Solution Supports Customer-Centric Leadership

In today’s hyper-competitive business culture, building and maintaining trust and confidence with your customers is paramount. Customer-centric leadership is more than just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental approach to ensuring the long-term success of your business. At the heart of this approach is the capability to safeguard your customer’s data, which, like Salesforce, is typically stored inside of a SaaS platform.. In this blog, we’ll explore how a Salesforce backup solution, one that is self-hosted, accessible, and verifiable, can provide a critical path in fostering trust and confidence with your customer base.
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Placing the customer at the center of all decisions and interactions is a crucial business strategy that every organization should adopt. Customer-centric leadership emphasizes the importance of satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement, which are key factors that can help companies outperform their competitors. To achieve success with a customer-centric approach, trust and confidence are the fundamental building blocks that need to be established and nurtured.

Beyond the trust and confidence your customers must have in your business, your customers must trust the integrity of how you manage their data: data trust. After all, data is the lifeblood of business. It’s the currency that fuels personalization, drives customer-customer insights, and enriches decision-making. To maintain data trust and confidence, it’s crucial that you have a robust off-platform Salesforce data management strategy in place.

Below are what I believe are the three most critical path items necessary for building trust and confidence with your customers if you manage any part of their Salesforce data.

  • Transparency and Accountability: A Salesforce backup solution allows you to keep detailed records of data changes and backups, providing transparency and accountability in case of data-related incidents.
  • Fast Response to Customer Needs: respond more effectively to customer inquiries, concerns, or evolving needs. This can lead to a better customer experience, enhancing trust and confidence.
  • Compliance and Security: GDPR, CCPA, or any other regulation, having an off-platform Salesforce backup solution that can be field-level encrypted shows your commitment to data security and helps maintain customer trust.

An accessible and verifiable Salesforce backup solution is an investment in the trust and confidence that underpin your long-term success. Take the time to prioritize data that’s off-platform, accessible, and verifiable, and you’ll be on your way to becoming a customer-centric leader in your industry.

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Video Transcription

Welcome to Radical Transparency, my name is Ted Pappas. And in this video series, we’ll talk about why making Salesforce data off-platform, both accessible and verifiable, is critical to your business.

And we’ll follow the Salesforce pillar of equal education. My goal in this series is simple. It’s to make sure that everyone is equally educated in the art of possible with Salesforce data off platform. 

And in this episode, we’ll talk about how building trust and confidence is critical to your relationships with your customers with an off-platform, Salesforce backup. 

And the first is in transparency and accountability. Having the data off-platform, that is accessible and verifiable, we’ve talked about that a lot here, makes the data model transparent to your customer. And what that means is not just that your customer can see it, but they can see it at the rate of change every time there is a change, down to the minute. It builds confidence and trust in one thing, and that’s the accountability that you give to your customer and your customer gives back to you in the event of a disaster, that that data is going to be recovered. 

Moving right into the recovery is the second point which is the speed of recovery, a fast response to customer needs, in the event of a major incident. Accessible and verifiable data off platform allows you to do one key thing with an RTO, your recovery time objective. It allows you to recover that data, restore that data in the event of an incident in minutes, not hours or days. Trust and confidence in an RTO that has the ability to be restored in minutes, not hours or days is absolutely paramount with your relationship with your customers. 

And the third is something we’ve talked about in here in virtually every episode. And that’s security and compliance. So whether it’s CCPA, or GDPR, or any of the regulatory compliance regulations in the world. Off platform data also allows you to encrypt that data at rest. So data is the customer’s currency. It’s the absolute number one piece of information that a customer can have is their data, and ensuring that you can mirror their security posture with field-level encryption data, regardless of the regulatory compliance considerations, is at the heart and soul of the customer. 

So again, my name is Ted Pappas. I’m the CEO of CapStorm, please find me on LinkedIn. Please visit us at And most importantly, please tune in every Thursday for more Radical Transparency. Thank you

Ted Pappas

Ted Pappas

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