How to Achieve Light-Speed RTOs and RPOs

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When it comes to having a disaster recovery plan, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) provide the basis to help you decide what level of risk is acceptable for your business. There are currently a lot of vendors on the Salesforce AppExchange that allow you to back up your Salesforce data as often as once a day. 

For most users, though, that’s not enough. Think of everything that can happen in a 24-hour period, and you can quickly see the value in having more than just one daily backup. In this week’s episode, Drew shows you how CapStorm’s solutions provide you with peace of mind, as you can have backups completed as often as every five minutes. It means you can recover to pretty much any specific point in time, allowing for acceptable RPO and RTO periods.

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Video Transcription

Hello, my name is Drew Niermann. And you’re watching Data  Unleashed, the video blog series dedicated to helping you get more out of your investment in Salesforce.

Now, you may be wondering, Why is that guy wearing sunglasses? I no idea, there’s really no reason why. But today, we’re going to be talking about how you can have faster RTOs and RPOs for your Salesforce DR(Disaster Recovery)/BCP(Business Continuity Plan) solution. 

In case you did not know, there are a lot of SAS vendors on the Salesforce marketplace or AppExchange. Today that will allow you to backup your Salesforce data, and maybe the metadata as well, as often as once a day. So if this is a one-day time period, you get one snapshot at the beginning of day one, and maybe one snapshot at the beginning of day two. There’s a whole lot that can happen over the course of a business day, especially if you’re a global enterprise. And if data gets lost or corrupted, daily snapshots or daily backups typically are not sufficient. 

Now, what if you could take incremental backups, just the changes, not an entire full backup, as often as every five minutes? It’s effectively the difference between this line and this line, when it comes back comes down to the granular increments to which you can recover to specific points at specific points in time. 

Now, for those of you data architects who just paused the video and are counting my little tick marks, no, I didn’t actually draw the exact number of five-minute intervals over the course of a 24-hour period. But I think you get the point. When you need to recover, it’s so much easier to go back and get exactly the data set you want if you have incremental backups every five minutes, as opposed to once daily or maybe once every 12 hours with a SaaS backup solution. 

So if this is something that looks useful to you, please drop me a note on LinkedIn or reach out to our team Again, you’re watching data unleashed. My name is Drew Niermann. Thank you so much for watching.

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