More than just a Salesforce Data Backup!

CopyStorm provides peace of mind by keeping a hot
backup of your production Salesforce!


  • Archival solution: Save deleted records indefinitely, with the ability to restore if needed using CopyStorm/Restore.  No storage limits.
  • Data on steroids: After spending countless hours accumulating Salesforce data, why not put that information to work? By having a mirror image of Salesforce data in a database, all of the database tools are at your disposal. Complex reporting becomes simple by harnessing the power of Oracle, Microsoft SQL/Server, and other database options.
  • Compliance solution: Your data is fully under your control on your server or in your private cloud- fully accessible. Full field level tracking allows for all changes to be documented.  Keep a data warehouse with your Salesforce data backup on your servers.
Capstorm: Salesforce Backup and Restore Experts since 2011. Create a Salesforce metadata backup with CopyStorm. CopyStorm replicates your Salesforce table structure and data into a local relational database.

CopyStorm: Salesforce backup.

  • CopyStorm creates and incrementally updates a fully accessible backup of Salesforce data.
  • Standard and custom objects are included (attachments, chatter, knowledge articles, managed packages and much more).
  • Optional field-level history tracking with no limit on the number of fields per object.
  • A full backup of your metadata is included and versioned.
What about deleted records? You control how deleted records are handled in the target database.
What if a field definition changes? CopyStorm automatically makes the change in the database.
How hot is the backup data? CopyStorm can keep the backup within 5 to 15 minutes of production.

Watch a 2 minute demo of CopyStorm or Download a Free Trial and try for yourself!

Watch an overview of Capstorm's backup solution for Salesforce. Bring Salesforce data and metadata into a local relational database. Try CopyStorm for free for 30 days.
A few of the features within CopyStorm: backup and version Salesforce metadata , set a retention policy for records that have been deleted from Salesforce, do exhaustive field history tracking without a limit on the number of fields tracked per object. On-demand Salesforce backup or use your choice of a scheduler!