Salesforce Analytics, Reporting, and BI with CopyStorm

It is your Salesforce data…you should be able to use it.  Your data on your computer under your control.

CopyStorm brings your Salesforce data home to an on-premises relational database, allowing you to fully maximize your investment in Salesforce.

Connect all of your existing analytics tools to enable complex Salesforce reporting while avoiding query complexity limits inherent to native Salesforce reporting tools. Incremental CopyStorm backups keep reports fresh. The up-to-date database provides Salesforce BI and analytics without Salesforce platform limitations.

Utilize business intelligence applications with your Salesforce data, all within your own business’ firewall.

Big data? Complex queries? Write reports using your on-premises database that are impossible to write natively within Salesforce. For example, Salesforce’s report builder does not provide a way to answer the question “Of the customers who bought product X, how many did or did not also buy product Y?”. You can answer this and more complex questions by using the on-premises Salesforce data in the CopyStorm database. Providing complex Salesforce reports to enhance any Salesforce BI solution has never been easier!

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Capstorm customers use their backups:

CopyStorm has been a core part of our Salesforce data system. With CopyStorm, we gain the ability to accurately have a near-real-time data store without the need to know the intricacies of SFDC. This empowers our analytics teams to provide insights on a more holistic level to the rest of the organization. Beyond being transparent on its access and internal operations under the hood, CopyStorm/Medic goes the extra mile providing functionality to bridge API gaps and discrepancies for analytics and debugging – providing a rock-solid product that we are comfortable depending on. The ease of use, consistent updates, and the instant responsiveness of dedicated technical support at all hours makes CopyStorm one of the most reliable and useful tools I have worked with.

Frank Hsu, Gusto

This is the single best salesforce add-on I’ve ever encountered. The idea is simple: lets make all of your Salesforce data easily accessable for use via (in my case) MS-SQL. After a few minutes of configuration, trying to retrieve my Salesforce login token, and identifying a SQL server. One button click creates all the SQL tables and populates them with everything in Salesforce. Click again to refresh your data with any changes (or schedule a task to do it for you).

We now have a full copy of all our Salesforce data available for reports, simple queries, feeding reporting tools like Tableau, creating complex joins, extracting data subsets, etc… If you’ve ever dreaded having to create Salesforce report to answer a data question this is the tool for you 🙂 Of course if that’s not enough the support is excellent, the people are friendly and knowledgeable and the price is reasonable….

Dave Vopnford

Works great

I love having all my Salesforce Data in my on SQL database. I can now write many reports using SSRS and Copystorm allows this to happen.

Mark Langhus

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CopyStorm has been listed on the Salesforce AppExchange since 2011 and is available for a free 30 day evaluation. CopyStorm is a on-premises backup of your Salesforce data. The data can be used for compliance, creating a data warehouse, record archival, analytics and BI, or your chosen purpose. Your data stays on your machines behind your firewall.
CopyStorm is simple to set up, and can be quickly automated with your chosen scheduler. Email alerts keep you informed as to the status of your backups. Suitable for any sized Salesforce organization from small non-profits to enterprise business with multiple Production instances. Try CopyStorm free for 30 days!