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Unlock the full potential of your critical SFDC data while keeping it safe from the threats of ransomware and data corruption.

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600+ Salesforce Users in 48+ Countries

We’re Trusted By

600+ Salesforce Users in 48+ Countries

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Unlock Downstream Uses for Your Data

By leveraging advanced historical reporting, your data can become the driving force for success.

Near-Real-Time Data Access

Your data’s value rises when it is in use. Transform your team’s Salesforce data analytics with speedy data updates and seamless integrations.

Analyze Key Trends Over Time

Your SFDC reporting dashboard will give you the power to make more informed decisions, giving you access to what data you want, when you want.

Remain Fully Compliant

Have the peace of mind that your critical data remains adaptable to compiance and regulation changes over time.

Best-in-Class Data Security

The security of your data and SFDC reporting dashboard is our top priority. We help you achieve that with incremental data replications up to every 3 minutes.

Generate Revenue

With CapStorm, you can gain an industry edge over your competition by by enabling data-backed decisions that span the full breadth of your business.

Unlimited Data Flow

Enjoy a world in which your data realizes its true potential with visualization tools such as Tableau or PowerBi.

What Our Users Say

“We successfully implemented a Salesforce reporting database conversion project with CopyStorm. The process was completely painless.”

Larry Blake, Managing Director

“CapStorm’s solutions effortlessly and incrementally replicates our organization’s Salesforce data, metadata, and structure to a SQLServer database hosted in AWS for direct Tableau integration.”

Pahniti (Tom) Tosuksri,
Director of HomeKeeper

“I found CapStorm on the web and was like, ‘Yes! This is perfect!’ It runs so fast and easily, and you can even run on any kind of OS.”

Andjela Tomic,
Database Management & Reporting Officer

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