Navigating Veeva’s
Split From Salesforce

For organizations in the healthcare and life sciences industries, Veeva and Salesforce’s upcoming breakup highlights the evolving need for taking control of your critical data.

Why is Veeva’s Split From Salesforce Significant?

Whether your organization chooses to remain in Salesforce or migrate fully to Veeva Vault, the split may present several challenges:

Data Management: Improperly migrated data to Veeva Vault or any other CRM platform could cause major disruptions to your day-to-day operations.

Potential Data Loss: As is the case with any major data migration, downtime and loss are possible. It’s important to ensure your critical data is up-to-date.

Compliance: HCLS companies must maintain regulatory compliance throughout the entire migration process, whether moving to Veeva Vault or another CRM.

How Can Your Organization Prepare for the Split?

Having a plan in place before the split is crucial to success. Here are a few steps you can follow:

Navigate Veeva’s Salesforce Split with Confidence

CapStorm’s self-hosted data management solution helps you keep your data’s integrity intact while transitioning between CRM platforms. Ensure your data remains secure and compliant via:

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