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Give your team and clients ownership & control over Salesforce data with industry-leading solutions for backups, recoveries, data imports and exports, and more.

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Looking for a solution that doesn’t feel like the standard SaaS? Protect sensitive data as you complete any federal or public sector projects while ensuring you stay adaptable to changing compliance regulations.

See How CapStorm Helped an East Coast State Maintain Business Continuity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This East Coast state needed a way to protect its citizens’ data and limit the threat of potential loss or corruption. That’s where CapStorm came in, helping them safely export their data behind their own firewall.

Learn How CapStorm Helped This Government-Sponsored Enterprise Gain Secure, Incremental Data Backups

The organization’s data was stored within the Salesforce platform, but a backup solution was not in place. There was no way to securely protect this data against accidental loss or intentional corruption—until CapStorm.

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