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Through our industry-leading data migrations tool, CS:Enable, you can transfer your critical data quickly, accurately, and safely to various applications in your tech stack, or from a source Salesforce instance to a target Salesforce instance.

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Complete large-scale Salesforce data migrations anytime while maintaining business continuity.

You can easily schedule data imports from multiple sources into Salesforce for continuous data flows.

Successfully extract, transform, and migrate your Salesforce knowledge bases to your target org.

Wondering how to meet the ever-changing Salesforce compliance requirements? In today’s fast-paced, heavily-regulated digital environment, you need a partner that gives you a true 360-degree view of your data.

Empower your team by slashing 40% or more time off complex Salesforce data migrations. With CapStom, it’s easier than ever with our solution designed for a wide array of purposes, including cleansing & business continuity.

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“We have been using CapStorm products for more than a year to jumpstart our digital transformations. Great tools, great team!”

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“CapStorm has been a core part of our Salesforce data system. With our products, we’ve gained the ability to accurately have a near-real-time data store without the need to know the intricacies of SFDC.”

Frank HSU,
Software Engineer

“I found CapStorm on the web and was like, ‘Yes! This is perfect!’ It runs fast and easily. We use our solution for data backups and integrations.”

Andjela Tomic,
Database Management & Reporting Officer

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Salesforce Data Migrations FAQs

CS:Enable is a powerful Salesforce data migration solution for data imports, exports, integrations, DevOps, warehousing, ETL/Reverse-ETL, and even sandbox seeding. It offers highly customizable features and seamless compatibility with industry-standard database connectors, providing you with greater control and flexibility over your Salesforce data exports and projects.

Our process is intended to be quick and friction-free. Our team will work with you to configure the solution according to your specific requirements and Salesforce environment.

Your organization’s Salesforce knowledge is replicated to a database that you own. Knowledge articles are extracted, transformed, and finally loaded into your target org so you can easily access them.