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Are you looking to eliminate data silos without sacrificing security? Expand your team’s backup and recovery capabilities with our self-hosted solution.

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Achieve the most efficient turnaround times in the industry with incremental backups up to every 3 minutes.

Ensure the accuracy of your data by pinpointing your backup and recovery efforts to a specific or desired time.

Maintain the quality and consistency of your Salesforce data backups over time with total referential integrity.

Because things change quickly in the Salesforce world, our team is available day and night to assist your backups.

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“We have been using CapStorm products for more than a year to jumpstart our digital transformations. Great tools, great team!”

Abderrahman Ghanim,
Head of IT Applications at Manpower

“CapStorm has been a core part of our Salesforce data system. With our products, we’ve gained the ability to accurately have a near-real-time data store without the need to know the intricacies of SFDC.”

Frank Hsu,
Software Engineer

“I found CapStorm on the web and was like, ‘Yes! This is perfect!’ It runs fast and easily. We use our solution for data backups and integrations.”

Andjela Tomic,
Database Management & Reporting Officer

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Backup and Recovery FAQs

CapStorm’s Salesforce backup and recovery capabilities enable the backup of data and metadata up to every 3 minutes as a part of incremental Salesforce data extracts. The backup will replicate Salesforce standard and custom objects, packages, knowledge, files, chatter, and more.

You will also get Salesforce metadata, with automatic versioning, so that you can roll back to a prior version of Salesforce metadata in clicks.

CapStorm replicates Salesforce data, metadata, and structure to your own relational database. This database can be located in your own data center, in your Salesforce cloud, or in both locations for a hybrid approach.

CapStorm’s Salesforce backup solutions perform incremental backups by default. This means that every backup will pick up added or modified data, for a high-frequency runtime that lets you backup Salesforce many times per day. You can always run a full backup or create a new database to save an extra copy of your data!

The entire backup can be encrypted, or implement CapStorm’s Govern solution to selectively encrypt sensitive data. This turns your Salesforce backup solution into a valuable reporting database while ensuring that Salesforce data stays protected at all times.

You have total control over what data is extracted from Salesforce and the frequency of the extract. Many organizations need to have key data backed up frequently, up to every 3 minutes, where other data, like attachments, only require backup a few times a day. With CapStorm, you set the rules to match your business needs!