Protect & Manage Your Salesforce Data

CapStorm is a Salesforce Data Management platform proven to Assure, Enable, and Govern Salesforce data.  

We Operate at a Different Level

Salesforce Data Management not just Backup

Yes, CapStorm enables Salesforce disaster recovery for thousands of global Salesforce organizations, but that’s just the beginning. CapStorm customers dynamically integrate SFDC data into their global data fabric, seed sandboxes to streamline developer operations, perform end-to-end Salesforce migrations, and achieve agile data compliance – all while protecting their Salesforce data against accidental loss or corruption.

Salesforce Data Autonomy not SaaS Extracts

Your Salesforce data stays within your databases, behind your firewall. This provides the ultimate data protection, as you have full flexibility and control over where your Salesforce data and metadata is stored. CapStorm is here to help you gain control over your data with near real-time Salesforce replication to AWS, Azure, GCP, or your on-premises relational database.

Salesforce Data Relationships, not only Records

Restoring one Account to Salesforce is simple, but true Salesforce data recovery goes far beyond a single data point. What good is an Account without the related Contacts, Contracts, and Cases? With CapStorm, there are no limits on the number of record relationships that you can restore.  Production recovery requires precision! Plus, point-in-time Salesforce data restore means that recovery starts from a backup taken minutes before the data corruption, unlike most SaaS offerings which only offer once a day backups.

We Have Your Salesforce Solution

Salesforce data is replicated to your data centers or to your AWS, Azure, or GCP environment in near real-time. Point-in-time Salesforce restore is streamlined including unlimited levels of Salesforce data relationships for a precise recovery point objective.

The big picture: You get your Salesforce data where you want it, when you want it, and with total control so that you can fully leverage your data to increase business revenue and reduce risk.

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Our Products

The two core products, Assure & Enable support incremental replication of Salesforce data, metadata, and schema to a self-hosted or cloud based relational database using the CopyStorm application.

Extensions build upon this core replication to help customers achieve specific goals:

Business Continuity Extension

Point-in-Time data and metadata recovery to protect businesses against accidental Salesforce data loss or corruption.

Sandbox Seeding Extension

Granular data seeding to push target slices of anonymized production data into your sandboxes.

Data Intelligence Extension

Incremental replication to Snowflake or Redshift with automatic schema updates for a near real-time mirror of Salesforce for analytics.

Compliance Extension

Regulatory data segmentation and classification with granular encryption to support controlled data access and regulatory compliance including GDPR.

Global Operations Extension

Enhanced capabilities to support data and metadata analysis across multiple Salesforce production orgs. Detect and prevent security breaches by proactive monitoring.

Migration Extension

Proven to generate a 40% time savings per Salesforce Org migration, this extension is designed to streamline Salesforce migrations, mergers, splits, and implementations.

See our Technology in Action

Whether you are looking for Salesforce backup and recovery, sandbox seeding, data integration, or an end-to-end solution for Salesforce data management, the next step is to talk to a member of our team. You can send us an email or click below to meet.
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