Salesforce Training with CopyStorm/Restore

Use CopyStorm/Restore for automating population of training Sandboxes, because every Salesforce training session should be on production data but not in the production Salesforce.

Have effective, risk-free Salesforce training by populating inexpensive developer sandboxes with a rich data set.  Refresh sandboxes after each training session or on-demand.  Teach new features with production data without touching your live instance.  Optionally obfuscate fields in order to mask sensitive company data.

Salesforce training using production data but not in the production Salesforce.

Company X has a weekly Salesforce training session for sales new hires.  Training is performed with a set of 10 developer sandboxes that need to be refreshed for each new class.  The data in the sandboxes should reflect current accounts, opportunities, and leads plus related data such as notes, opportunity line items, cases, etc.

Currently the Salesforce administrator is completing this task by requesting Salesforce sandbox refreshes as often as possible, then populating record sets to each sandbox using the weekly csv. export and data loader.  It takes two days on average to complete this process.  How can this time consuming process be done in just a few minutes?

Capstorm: Restore Salesforce records and relationships without CSVs!

Backup Production
CopyStorm creates an on-premises backup of the production Salesforce.

Sandbox Restore
Use CopyStorm/Restore to populate training sandboxes.  Reuse the configuration file.

Process Automation
Use Windows Task Scheduler or Cron to schedule a sandbox refresh cycle.

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Interested in scrubbing data from a Salesforce sandbox?
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Have 5 minutes? Click the videos below to see how quickly you can populate a Salesforce sandbox.

Select a data set, obfuscate sensitive fields, and populate a training Salesforce sandbox using CopyStorm/Restore.
Automate a Salesforce sandbox refresh to match your training schedule.