Search and Replace Salesforce Data

CopyStorm/Search to find and obfuscate personal data within Salesforce.

Finding and replacing specific data within Salesforce may seem simple, but it is a daunting task when you consider all of the locations in which a single item may be located.  Consider an email address: a single address may be found within a contact record, multiple case comments, history tables, email messages, chatter threads, converted lead, etc.  The General Data Protection Regulation‘s “right to be forgotten” mandates that personal data be erased upon request, but this is impossible without comprehensive Salesforce GDPR searching.

Salesforce GDPR Searching: Find and replace Salesforce data and metadata.

Instead of querying Salesforce directly, try CopyStorm/Search for an exhaustive database search that has no impact upon your live Salesforce instance and consumes zero API calls.  This database search is:

  • Fast – Search hundreds of millions of records per hour.
  • Exhaustive – Look into objects that are hard to search directly within Salesforce (such as case comments and history tables)
  • Verifiable – Demonstrate that extensive efforts have been made to find all instances of data.
CopyStorm/Search - Salesforce GDPR Compliance and advanced Salesforce search capabilities.

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