Consolidate and Report On Multiple Salesforce Instances

CopyStorm/View provides insight into cross-organization activity for consolidated reporting.

Each Salesforce production instance acts as an independent data silo with records from one organization completely separated from that of another.   Every business should have fully exposed Salesforce data in order to perform global analytics and obtain a 360 view into the health of the company.  Why miss opportunities due to limited data?

CopyStorm/View provides executive insight into all of your Salesforce data silos at once by providing a single consolidated view.

  • Utilizes existing on-premises Salesforce backups – All data is kept within your firewall!
  • Report on multiple Salesforces for analytics and BI, regardless of the number of Production instances.
  • Creates opportunities by providing global insight into your customer base.

A complete customer view requires global data. 

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