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On-Site Salesforce Backup for a Data Warehouse

Retain an independent backup and capture record changes.  Scalable for any sized business – one or more Salesforce Production instances.

Create a data warehouse with your Salesforce records


  • Unlimited record retention.  Set your own data retention policy or retain deleted Salesforce records indefinitely.
  • Field history tracking.  Choose to store record changes for any or all fields – no limit on the number of fields per object.
  • Complete control.  Store your Salesforce data wherever you wish.  Connect with internal systems for reporting or BI.  Use your Salesforce data!
  • Flexibility.  Create as many backup databases as needed.
  • Scalable solution.  Pricing is not based upon the number of Salesforce users or data size.

On-Site Salesforce BackupOn-Premises Data Warehouse of your Salesforce Data

To get started, simply download CopyStorm, enter credentials, and point CopyStorm toward a fresh database schema.

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