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On-Site Salesforce Backup for a Data Warehouse

Retain an independent backup and capture record changes.  Scalable for any sized business – one or more Salesforce Production instances.

Create an on-site Salesforce data warehouse with CopyStorm


  • Unlimited record retention.  Set your own data retention policy or retain deleted Salesforce records indefinitely.
  • Field history tracking.  Choose to store record changes for any or all fields – no limit on the number of fields per object or the number of objects tracked.
  • Complete control.  Store your Salesforce data wherever you wish – the backup database can be stored on-site or in a private cloud.  Connect with internal systems for reporting or BI and use your Salesforce data!
  • Flexibility.  Create as many backup databases as needed and host the backup database where it can be used.
  • Scalable solution.  Pricing is not based upon the number of Salesforce users or data size.

Self-Hosted Salesforce Data Warehouse

To get started, simply download CopyStorm, enter credentials, and point CopyStorm toward a fresh database schema to create an on-site Salesforce backup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Capstorm offer solutions to backup any CRM’s other than Salesforce?2019-12-26T17:04:58+00:00

Capstorm’s focus is solely on Salesforce.  Many apps depend on the Salesforce infrastructure and can also be backed up such as Veeva, nCino, FinancialForce…

I need to get my data from Salesforce immediately… Can you help me?2018-08-01T17:51:22+00:00

Capstorm can assist with a one time migration of Salesforce data to a relational database for a flat fee.  For additional information, contact info@capstorm.com or call +1 314.403.2143.

Can CopyStom be used to create multiple databases?2018-08-01T17:51:29+00:00

Yes!  A single installation can point towards any number of databases.  It is common to have a “data warehouse” database and a secondary database used for analytics or BI.

How much time will my initial backup take?2018-08-01T17:51:34+00:00

A number of factors can limit copy speed.  The primary limiting factors are internet speed and the speed at which CopyStorm can write to the database — a good starting point is to ensure that CopyStorm is installed within the same data center as the target database. 15+ million records per hour is a good baseline, but 45+ million per hour is attainable.  After the first backup, only added or modified records will be copied. Read the results of our speed experiments or the Guide to Optimizing CopyStorm Performance.

Does CopyStorm take a full backup every time it runs?2018-08-01T17:51:43+00:00

By default, CopyStorm is an incremental backup of Salesforce using modification timestamps to determine which records have been changed.  Only new or changed records are copied. More information is available here: How Does CopyStorm Work

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