Data Enablement With CapStorm

What Does it Mean to Have Salesforce Data Enablement?

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce data with CS:Enable. CapStorm’s solutions enable global businesses to do more with their data. By integrating Salesforce data into the global data fabric, CapStorm is empowering Salesforce development teams, ensuring business continuity, streamlining data migrations, and much more. CapStorm customers gain autonomous control over their Salesforce data, which increases data control and Salesforce data usability. CapStorm enables the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, industry-leading banks, credit card companies, manufacturing groups, telecom providers, and energy companies. Enable the full potential of your Salesforce data with CapStorm.

Choose Your Path

Mininimum Configuration

  • Self-hosted copy of Salesforce data and metadata.
  • Connect to any relational database.
  • Salesforce business continuity.
  • Data warehouse/data lake integration. 
  • Salesforce sandbox seeding. 
  • Point-in-time Salesforce data recovery.
  • Salesforce migration / ETL.

Classic Configuration

Everything in Minimum Configuration, PLUS:

  • Enable development teams and multi-org architecture. 
  • Seed more sandboxes. 
  • Multi-org scheduling and monitoring.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Advanced Salesforce migration, merge and split projects.

Data Enablement at Every Level

Salesforce Product Owner

  • Salesforce disaster recovery with full data access.
  • Data backups within 5 minutes of production for real-time integration.
  • Scalable for multi-org implementations on-premises or in-cloud.
  • Increased developer productivity with granular sandbox seeding.
  • Point-and-click data and metadata restore.
  • Set and forget confidence.

Salesforce Developer

  • Work in a private Salesforce sandbox, seeded in minutes with masked production data. 
  • Salesforce metadata versioning and comparison.
  • Incremental replication of Salesforce data, metadata, and schema to your RDBMS. 
  • Verify that a Salesforce backup is complete.
  • Integrate Salesforce data with the company’s data fabric.

Looking for Advanced Capabilities?

Unlock Advanced Replication and Enhanced DevOps Optimization With CS:Enable Custom Config

Level up to CS:Enable’s custom configuration and gain enterprise flexibility. Unlock an additional database connector to replicate Salesforce data across multiple database types. Copy to Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL, or more with flexibility that scales as you grow. Empower development teams to optimize Salesforce sandbox use with additional sandbox connectors, scratch org utilization, data anonymization, and more. Analyze Salesforce data, security logs, structure, and metadata across multiple Salesforce production organizations.

Connect with our team or review our case studies to hear how enterprises are decreasing risk and increasing enterprise value with CS:Enable.

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