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CopyStorm/Restore is a targeted restore of records and relationships from the CopyStorm backup to production Salesforce or a sandbox. 

CopyStorm/Restore restores small or large parts of a Salesforce instance using a backup created by CopyStorm.

CopyStorm provides peace of mind by keeping a hot backup of your production Salesforce instance in a local relational database.  CopyStorm/Restore turns your low cost sandbox instances into high value developer environments using your production backup data.  Of course, CopyStorm/Restore can be used to restore small or large parts of your production database in an emergency. No one wants an emergency before the backup and restore process is tested! CopyStorm/Restore will be used often to populate inexpensive Salesforce developer sandboxes with useful production data while obfuscating sensitive data.

  • Disaster recovery: Surgically repair your Salesforce in case of a data crisis. Plus, test the recovery on a sandbox before writing to production.
  • Sandbox solution: Easily load sandboxes with targeted production data. Every developer deserves a sandbox filled with a rich set of data. Records and relationships restored without utilizing a data loader!
  • Salesforce migrations, merges, and splits: Built-in migration tools make CopyStorm/Restore the perfect software to utilize on a difficult migration. Record mapping, matching, and a tracker database saves hours of development time. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a personalize demo of the migration options.
  • Salesforce training solution: Why waste development time loading training data? Save a standard configuration, and quickly load training sandboxes whenever needed. Practice with real production data (not on the production Salesforce.)

You are probably asking -- "OK. I see this would help me a lot. How much time do I have to invest to learn the restore process?" The answer, just a few minutes. Watch the video.


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The complete process for populating a Salesforce sandbox with production Salesforce data follows these simple steps. Create a backup of your production Salesforce using CopyStorm (not CopyStorm Dump). Open the…
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    Want more detailed information? Check out the CopyStorm/Restore Docs, Common Tasks and other useful information

    Metadata? Yes! Surgically restore Metadata as well as data.

    In-App Migration Helps

    Record Matching Rules: Salesforce Record Id,  External Id, or Match on one or more fields. Record Mapping may be specified. Tracker Database for flexibility in migration testing and incremental data loads.

    Transform sensitive data when loading a Sandbox?

    Use built-in field transformers to obfuscate selected fields.