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Enterprise Level Backup Management

CopyStorm/Director provides enterprise level management of CopyStorm jobs.

CopyStorm/Director is an enterprise product designed to simplify the management of CopyStorm when a company has many Salesforce instances.

Scheduling and monitoring the backup of 1 or 2 Salesforce instances is not difficult and can be accomplished many ways. However, when a company has 5, 10, or 100s of Salesforce instances to support, simple low cost management requires an enterprise solution like CopyStorm/Director.

CopyStorm/Director simplifies the management  of Salesforce  by providing centralized management of the key backup processes.

  • Scheduling of CopyStorm jobs.
  • Monitoring and reporting on the status of CopyStorm jobs.
  • Organization and archiving of CopyStorm job log files.

CopyStorm/Directory also includes dashboards and reporting providing a concise views of state of your systems.

With CopyStorm/Director:

  • Job Scheduling is managed in a central GUI.
  • A single scheduled system job, CopyStormJobRunner, manages all CopyStorm related jobs -- for all Salesforce instances.
  • Historical CopyStorm job status is managed in a simple documented relational database (database of your choice).
  • Monitoring can be done from a central dashboard - either in a stand-alone application or in a web browser.


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