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More than a Backup!

CopyStormOverview - Copy Salesforce data and metadata to a local relational database.

Copystorm provides peace of mind by keeping a hot backup of your production Salesforce!

CopyStorm creates and incrementally updates a fully accessible backup of Salesforce data.  -Standard and custom objects including  (Attachments, Chatter, Knowledge articles, and much more).  -Option for full field level tracking without limits.  -Full metadata backup.

  • Storage archival solution: Save deleted records indefinitely, with the ability to restore if needed using CopyStorm/Restore.
  • Data on steroids: After spending countless hours accumulating Salesforce data, why not put that information to work? By having a mirror image of Salesforce data in a database, all of the database tools are at your disposal. Complex reporting becomes simple by harnessing the power of Oracle, Microsoft SQL/Server, and other database options.
  • Compliance solution: Your data is fully under your control on your server or in your cloud- fully accessible. Full field level tracking allows for all changes to be documented.

 Watch a 2 minute demo of CopyStorm or download CopyStorm and try it yourself.


How Does CopyStorm Work?

Basic Process:

CopyStorm reads the Salesforce Metadata to determine what tables (objects) and fields are available.

  • Then CopyStorm looks at your target database one table at a time to find the record with the most recent timestamp.
  •  Salesforce is queried for records that have been added or modified since that timestamp. 
    • If a table or field is not in the database CopyStorm creates it and queries Salesforce for all records.
  • The records are then written to the database as inserts or updates.
  • CopyStorm then continues with the next table.

CopyStorm is completely restartable. If the connection with Salesforce is dropped, restart CopyStorm and it will pickup where it left off. 

 What about deleted records? You control how deleted records are handled in the target database.

What if a new table (object) or field is added to my Salesforce? CopyStorm finds the new table or field and adds it to your database automatically!

What if a field definition changes? CopyStorm automatically makes the change in the database.


Check out the documentation and help site,, for all the gritty details.


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