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Recreate your Salesforce database locally

Diagram showing CopyStorm copies Salesforce database to MS SQLServer, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL or H2 relational databases.

Copystorm provides peace of mind by keeping a hot backup of your production Salesforce!

Copying the structure and data to one of these databases: SQLServer  -  Oracle  -  PostgreSQL  -  MySQL  -  H2

Once the initial data load is complete, CopyStorm can be run as often as every 5 to 15 minutes to backup the deltas, added or modified records.

Changes to Saleforce structure such as added custom objects or fields are automatically copied as are changes to field definitions. Retention / removal of deleted records are under your control.

With a local, accurate and usable copy of Salesforce:

  • You can have your Salesforce data available in-house.
  • You can use your Salesforce data when Salesforce is down.
  • You can use your Salesforce data without worrying about Salesforce usage limits.
  • You can create those pivot table reports in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL.
  • You can protect against accidental deletions of Salesforce data.
  • You can protect against data damage by a disgruntled employee.
  • You can use professional analytics / reporting tools such as Crystal Reports to understand your data.

CopyStorm runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac!

Licensing and Pricing information - Simple licensing model, straight forward pricing.

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How Does CopyStorm Work?

Basic Process:

CopyStorm reads the Salesforce Metadata to determine what tables (objects) and fields are available.

  • Then CopyStorm looks at your target database one table at a time to find the record with the most recent timestamp.
  •  Salesforce is queried for records that have been added or modified since that timestamp minus a few second latency period. 
    • If a table or field is not in the database CopyStorm creates it and queries Salesforce for all records.
  • The records are then written to the database as inserts or updates. 
  • CopyStorm then continues with the next table.

CopyStorm is completely restartable. If the connection with Salesforce is dropped, restart CopyStorm and it will pickup where it left off. 

 What about deleted records? You control how deleted records are handled in the target database with the "Delete Older Than" Advanced Tab parameter. By default deleted records are removed from the target immediately ("Delete Older Than" = 0 (zero)). Setting "Delete Older Than" to blank, causes deleted records to be marked IsDeleted and retained in the database. Setting "Delete Older Than" to a non-zero number, causes deleted records to be marked IsDeleted and retained that number of days.  CopyStorm determines a record is deleted by reading the Salesforce recycle bin. Use CopyStorm/Medic to find records that have been 'hard' deleted. Learn more about the Fix IsDeleted CopyStorm/Medic tool on

What if a new table (object) or field is added to my Salesforce? CopyStorm finds the new table or field and adds it to your database automatically!

What if a field definition changes? CopyStorm automatically makes the change in the database.

What if a table or field is dropped from my Salesforce? CopyStorm automatically removes the table or field from the database.

What about formula fields? CopyStorm copies the value of a formula field at the time of initial data load. Use CopyStorm/Medic to update formula fields if the formula definition changes in Salesforce. Click here to learn more about Refresh Formulas tool.


Check out the documentation and help site,, for all the gritty details.


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    Licensing / Pricing Information
    An individual license of CopyStorm is $1,320 and includes the first year of application updates and email support.
    CopyStorm is licensed per computer for a single Salesforce Organization.
    Site and Enterprise licensing available.