Capstorm applications provide a solution for moving connected Salesforce data.  Data and metadata are backed up to a local relational database.  All or part of the record hierarchy can then be loaded into a Salesforce production or sandbox instance.  A few of the most common use cases include:

Managed Services

Consulting partners use Capstorm’s applications as the technical backbone of many Salesforce managed service offerings.


CopyStorm provides local solutions for Salesforce analytics by replicating Salesforce data in a local or cloud-based relational database.  The backup is incremental and can be kept within 5-10 minutes of production.  The relational database containing Salesforce data can be used with a customer’s existing analytics tools.


Solutions allow scheduling and monitoring the backups for multiple Salesforce production instances.  Automate incremental backups for 50+ clients.  Provide a managed  backup service where Salesforce data stays behind each client’s firewall on their machines.

Businesses with multiple Salesforce Production instances should be able to analyze data across all instances!  Provide a global analytics solution while still retaining data on-premises.  Alternatively locate all locations of specified metadata to ask the question “How is this field being used in all Production instances?” or to compare security privileges on a global scale.


Offer a Salesforce archival solution while retaining deleted records indefinitely.  The data archive can be stored on-premises or in a cloud based database.  Quickly query the archive in order to report on historic data.   Restore records along with associated relationships to Salesforce without manual data patching.


Provide a disaster recovery solution for Salesforce by setting up a backup with exhaustive field history tracking and indefinite retention of deleted records.  The backup is easily verifiable and readily accessible in case of a data disaster.


Eliminate time wasted generating test data sets in Salesforce and populate sandboxes in minutes.  Restore a specified slice of production data, including optional obfuscation of sensitive fields.  Select records by writing simple SQL queries or select targeted records along with the relevant relationships.

ETL & Migration

No two Salesforce migrations are the same, but these difficult ETL projects share two key elements: data movement and data transformation.  Utilize Capstorm’s applications to extract data to a local relational database and complete all data transformations in-database.  Instead of using a data loader to migrate records, move the entire record hierarchy with a solution that will incrementally populate the target Salesforce.  Read more in Capstorm’s Salesforce Migration Playbook and Contact Us to discuss your data migration project!

Capstorm has solutions for Salesforce migrations, merges, and splits.


Capstorm values relationships with consulting firms!  Partnership opportunities are evaluated on a case-by-case basis as each scenario is unique in size and scope.  To discuss partnership, please Contact Us.


Watch an overview of Capstorm's solution for Salesforce ETL projects. Capstorm has been a proud Salesforce AppExchange partner since 2011 and specializes in Salesforce backup and restore.