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Top 10 Largest City in the United States


One of the US’s top 10 largest cities utilizes Salesforce across five Salesforce production organizations in order to support key divisions such as code compliance, a 311 Citizen service request portal, and city management. The Salesforce product owner needed to effectively generate reports and analyze this data, however, the data volume and multi-org architecture made this process inefficient. Native CSV extracts outputs were time-consuming and created a data format that was difficult to use.


CapStorm eliminated Salesforce data silos and enabled near real-time insights with an incremental Salesforce data extraction to the city’s SQLServer database. Data was replicated in increments of every 5 minutes and kept the databases in step with the current state of Salesforce. Analytics tools then connect directly to the databases and generate insights within one Salesforce environment and across multiple organizations. This data flow created an efficient way to push data to resident-facing portals in order to give citizens full transparency into ticket progress.


The city improved its service-first culture through a partnership with CapStorm by serving citizens more rapidly, increasing data utilization and reporting within the organization, and enhancing data protection by maintaining Salesforce data inside the city’s firewall.

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