Salesforce data is dynamic and valuable. Take full control of all data, metadata, and schema to enable enterprise data protection, operations and development.

Salesforce data is a valuable asset for any organization. Why would you leave any data behind? To enable your data to drive decisions, improve service, bring value to customers and maintain regulatory compliance you need full access to data in the Salesforce cloud. CS:Enable empowers Salesforce users to have the autonomy to access all data, metadata, schema and point-in-time data to transform, replicate and govern data for a multitude of use cases. With CS:Enable, we make you Expert at enabling data throughout your enterprise to integrate, report, or merge Salesforce data with your enterprise data fabric. CapStorm, Be Expert at Salesforce Data Enablement.

Disaster Recovery &
Business Continuity

Create and maintain high-frequency replication and mirroring of Salesforce Orgs that includes full data integrity for Disaster Preparedness and rapid RTO. Data replication is fully secure, verifiable, auditable and can be maintained at intervals as rapidly as 5 minutes, and fully or selectively recovered at any point-in-time.

Data Replication for App
Integration & Enablement

Create custom self-hosted databases fully synchronized with Salesforce data, metadata and schema for enterprise data warehouses, data aggregation and application integration.

Data Warehouse &
Fabric Integration

Near-real time data replication from Salesforce must be reliable, secure and regulated to assure proper integration, use and quality for data warehouse or data fabric retention, use and enterprise integration. CS:Enable for Data Operations provides extraordinary control and performance for mission-critical use cases.

Dev Ops &
Data Controls

Increase SFDC app development productivity and bring solutions to market more quickly with highly-efficient org, data and testing automation. Reduce development costs, improve proper data use for testing, and manage development environments with automation using CS:Enable for DevOps.

CS:Enable the leading global solution for Salesforce Data Management. Enabling users with expert control of use cases from Backup/Recovery, Data Assurance, Data Operations and SFDC Development. Solve complex data challenges with full autonomy over all Salesforce data, metadata, schema, and data governance.

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Backup, recover, and restore the full-fidelity of your data and metadata from time-series restore points that assure rapid recovery time objectives.

Autonomous control is the only method for guaranteeing data protection and disaster recovery preparations while enabling your teams to return to full operational functionality with expert confidence. Your Salesforce assets are fully protected and accessible on-demand while maintaining auditability (one word) and historic versions or changes.

Disaster Recovery

CapStorm enables Salesforce disaster recovery with proven solutions that replicate data and metadata to a self-hosted relational database. CapStorm solutions are proven and used by Fortune 50 telecommunications, pharmaceutical and manufacturing organizations globally. Added/Modified records are replicated on periodic schedules, for a fully incremental data backup that migrates terabytes of data from SFDC to relational databases protected inside your infrastructure. Capture and protect the dynamic data changes at high frequency rates and preserve the full fidelity of data and metadata. Automatically apply versioning to data and metadata so the organization’s configuration is secured with accurate and reliable rollback for confident recovery needs. The secured data and metadata backup can be verified to ensure that the backup is complete.

Business Continuity Protection

Salesforce is among the most reliable global SaaS providers today, but outages still happen! Rest assured that CapStorm’s Business Continuity Protection ensures that your teams are never without access to mission-critical data even in the event of a large-scale outage at Salesforce. CapStorm’s customers maintain autonomous access over their Salesforce data in a self-hosted replica of Salesforce that can be utilized and queried on-demand.

Full & Incremental Replication

The frequency and fidelity of CapStorm’s Salesforce replication is technologically unmatched. Salesforce replication is always incremental unless the end user initiates an on-demand full replication job. All changes to Salesforce data, schema, and metadata are automatically discovered and replicated to a local SQL database every 5 minutes making quick work of all operational reporting, enterprise data warehousing, or downstream data processes.

Retention & Archive

Create a tamper-evident audit trail by snapshotting a record’s data and structure within a non-transactional database table to track changes to over time. Customer-defined archival policies enable the end-user to exercise expert confidence and selective granularity while determining when and how to retain historical snapshots of Salesforce data.

Multi-Org Replication & DR

CapStorm provides enterprises with a multi-Org architecture the ability to schedule & monitor backups, create cross-org views, and migrate data & metadata between Orgs with the precision and granularity required by even the most complex requirements. Create incremental backups of Salesforce data as often as every five minutes, with full data fidelity. And, gain full control of data extraction including all data, metadata and field history. CapStorm gives your business the power to determine the right cadence for data backup and achieve urgent RTO based on the pace of your business activities. CS:Enable makes you expert at full, incremental and redundant replication of all Salesforce data, with high-frequency and full-fidelity of data. Be Expert when managing multi-org replication and disaster recovery, choose CS:Enable.

Data orchestration that assures data fidelity and relational integrity

CapStorm’s data enablement solutions provide incremental, rapid data and metadata extraction from Salesforce into a customer’s relational databases. Our customers maintain full control over the data extraction process, scheduling incremental extracts of data, metadata, and structure changes as frequently as every 5 minutes. These self-hosted databases become valuable warehouses for data aggregation and integrations; near real time reporting, campaigns, opportunity extractions for marketing analytics and Tableau integrations.

High-Frequency & Full-Fidelity

The frequency and fidelity of CapStorm’s Salesforce replication is technologically unmatched. Salesforce replication is always incremental unless the end user initiates an on-demand full replication job. All changes to Salesforce data, schema, and metadata are automatically discovered and replicated to a local database as often as every 5 minutes making quick work of all operational reporting, enterprise data warehousing, or downstream data processes.

Analytics Data Feeds

Salesforce data is one of your business’ most valuable assets. However, churning that data into reports and dashboards can be cumbersome as data volumes grow and the business reporting requirements grow more and more complex. CapStorm offers solutions for advanced analytics by replicating Salesforce data into a relational database that is owned and managed by the business. These self-hosted databases become valuable warehouses for data aggregation and integration, and CapStorm’s proven incremental technology facilitates near-real time data insights by these unlimited data extracts. Imagine the power of a unified, near-real time dashboard that contains Salesforce data meshed with a live stream of data from an ERP platform, and the data insights that this would unlock for executive decision making. A top five system integrator is doing this today, consolidating two data silos into a CapStorm created database in order to data joins across systems. For a simpler example, a 3D printer manufacture with over 30 global locations struggled with the native reporting limitations within Salesforce, until the business partnered with Capstorm to create a mirror image of the Salesforce database in a local Oracle database. This CapStorm maintained and created relational database provides a reporting source external to Salesforce, and is the business’ core source of data for operational reporting.

Enable SFDC Data as part of your Data Strategy

Our data management applications enhance the Salesforce CRM landscape by facilitating near-real time data replication from Salesforce into a business’ self-hosted data warehouse. Near real time extracts allow for the data warehouse to be synced with production environments, and self-hosted architecture supports the retention of data history with unlimited retention periods. CapStorm leverages the native Salesforce API’s for scripted extraction that can be scheduled to meet business specifications.

Data Warehouse Conduit

Many solutions offer Salesforce connectors, but none compare to CapStorm’s Salesforce data/metadata/schema extraction capabilities, built upon 10+ years of industry experience with some of the most complex and customized Salesforce environments on the planet. Imagine the power of unified, near real time data integration to drive enterprise data from Salesforce. CapStorm leverages the native Salesforce API’s for a powerful, automated extraction that is scheduled according to the business specifications. Take control over Salesforce data with CapStorm, and let us help you bring Salesforce data into your 360 degree customer view.

Data Schema Replication

Use CapStorm’s replication capabilities to maintain a near “real-time” copy of Salesforce data and schema in your data warehouse without having to manually update the database each time Salesforce schema or metadata changes. CapStorm auto-detects and replicates all Salesforce changes making the output from Salesforce simple to integrate with a data warehouse.

Enable data for Development & Testing, while protecting confidentiality and enabling regulatory compliance

Unleash data and metadata for development and testing, and reduce development lifecycles by creating and deploying compliant test data to Salesforce sandboxes with automation. Salesforce dev, dev pro, scratch and full or partial sandbox orgs can be populated in minutes with a relevant data set, pulling targeted sets of production data, anonymizing fields, then populating the sandbox; without any CSV’s or manual relational patching of data.

Sandbox Automation

CapStorm solves two common problems for Salesforce DevOps teams:

1. Quickly generate targeted subsets of anonymized Production data in sandboxes & scratch Orgs for use by development teams. These subsets can be saved and deployed across multiple sandbox environments on-demand without having to wait for a Salesforce refresh cycle.

2. Move metadata and schema between various sandboxes and/or Production Orgs as part of the application development lifecycle

With CapStorm, developers can have their own private sandboxes filled with rich production data sets while possessing the capability to build and deploy metadata between Orgs. CapStorm’s approach eliminates the need to use CSV files for data migration or change sets for metadata. Salesforce automation can be disabled & re-enabled automatically as well!

Scratch Orgs Automation

CapStorm enhances Salesforce Scratch Org capabilities with automation to create and populate Scratch Orgs with both metadata and field data. With CapStorm you can automatically:

Auto-Create Scratch Orgs with valid configurations as often as needed

Upload metadata into Scratch Orgs, making the structure of the Scratch Org mirror your test or production environments

Upload compliant test data or obfuscated production data into Scratch Orgs, turning the Org into a useful environment for development, testing, or training while maintaining full confidentiality and regulatory compliance.

Testing Environments

How do your Salesforce dev teams generate test data in lower sandbox environments? Most Salesforce users simply waited for a refresh cycle or required DevOps teams to share sandboxes prior to using CapStorm’s solutions. With CapStorm, you can turn low-cost developer environments into high-value testing environments filled with rich sets of production data & metadata while anonymizing and sensitive fields.


One of the most difficult challenges in enabling and consuming Salesforce data is the task of moving Salesforce data and metadata into and out of Salesforce. Let CapStorm’s Expert solutions do the heavy-lifting for you with:

1. Auto-discovery and auto-replication of all Salesforce data/schema/metadata changes into your local SQL database
2. On-demand access to a mirror-image of your Salesforce schema for use as a staging database for input/output operations
3. Automated management of data and relationships hundreds of layers deep in your data model
4. Comparison and deployment of Salesforce metadata between Salesforce Orgs

What's a CapStorm?

Clouds are awesome. But clouds can become unruly, difficult to control, always unpredictable. A weather phenomenon known as a "capstorm" forms above the clouds causing conditions that help prevent clouds from becoming dangerous and damaging. In our case, CapStorm is phenomenal technology that brings you expert control to manage your Salesforce cloud data. Enable and Govern your SFDC data to Assure you are in control. Be Expert. Choose CapStorm for managing your Salesforce cloud data.


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Salesforce Data Operations Solutions

Create business value using solutions for integrating SFDC data throughout your enterprise data strategy. Use Cases include EDW integration, analytics, supply chain, data fabric and cloud enablement, and back office data synchronization.

Salesforce Data Governance

Manage Global Data Regulation and Compliance of SF data using industry leading capabilities. Apply multiple compliance specific rule sets simultaneously to data in-use and data at-rest for government and legal specific data masking, retention and encryption. CS:Govern provides data governance for SF Administration, Legal Counsel and Database Administrators.

Salesforce Data Assurance

Perform high-frequency data replication with full data, metadata and schema integrity for disaster recovery, business continuity, backup, restore and data retention. Fast incremental data replication enables rapid RTO times and near real time mirroring of Salesforce Orgs for time-sequenced archives.

Salesforce Development Solutions

Strengthen your SFDC automated development and testing capabilities and productivity with automated sandbox and scratch org creation using anonymized data replicated for testing. Save time, improve data quality, recover from errors and lost data quickly and preserve regulatory compliance throughout the development cycle.