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About Capstorm

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Capstorm has been a Salesforce partner since 2011 and is founded upon two core beliefs:

  1. A Salesforce backup should be fully accessible and easily verifiable.
  2. A Salesforce recovery solution should be useful for more than just disaster recovery.

These philosophies drive ongoing application development and are key to Capstorm’s success as the leading technology in Salesforce backup and restore.  CopyStorm is the first of Capstorm’s core solutions, allowing for incremental Salesforce backups to an on-premises database.  Every Copystorm created backup is fully accessible and easily verifiable, as all Salesforce data is located on a customer’s own machines.  This ensures that data is always available and secured to each customer’s specifications.  Capstorm never sees a customer’s data!

CopyStorm/Restore works in tandem with CopyStorm as a full Salesforce disaster recovery solution.  CopyStorm/Restore can restore large or small parts of your Salesforce production instance but is most frequently used to populate sandboxes.  Capstorm believes that a disaster recovery solution should be useful for more than just a data disaster.  Who wants a recovery solution that isn’t tested until a disaster occurs?

Greg Smith, CTO and founder of Capstorm. CopyStorm was engineered to provide an on-premises Salesforce backup solution that did not require trusting a 3rd party with your Salesforce data.

Gregory Smith has been involved with Salesforce since 2008.  He advocates that every Salesforce backup should “bring your data home,” and that any Salesforce disaster recovery solution should be well tested prior to an actual disaster.

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