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- Point and click recovery of records AND their relationships,

including related list records!

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Capstorm is pleased to sponsor the Nebraska Salesforce User Group December 3. 


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CopyStorm now supports Salesforce Summer '14 API version 31.


CopyStorm based on Salesforce Spring '13 API version 27 is still available.


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Capstorm -

The Salesforce Backup and Restore Specialists!




CopyStorm - Replicates a Salesforce Instance

With a local, accurate, and hot copy of Salesforce, our customers:

  • Drive web services
  • Create those difficult cross-object reports
  • Connect with BI and analytic software
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Protect their data in a data warehouse

Don't use Windows? No problem, CopyStorm also runs on Mac and Linux. CopyStorm is simply the best Salesforce ETL tool!

Create a login and download CopyStorm for a free 30 day trial!


CopyStorm / Restore 

Restores all or part of a Salesforce Instance using a Copystorm created backup.

  • Restore small or large parts of your production instance in an emergency.
    • Yes, foreign keys are managed!
    • Yes, related list records can be automatically restored!
  • Restore to a sandbox just the type of data needed for a development project.
  • Restore a sandbox to a known state multiple times a day.
  • Provide a low cost way for a Salesforce consultant to show what a feature will look like without touching the production Salesforce.

A Salesforce backup is always a good idea. Using your Salesforce backup to super-charge your developer sandboxes is even a better idea!

From CopyStorm/Restore customer Jeff Bauer - "...the product really hides the gory details and relinks things. I'm loving it."

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it for a personal introduction to CopyStorm/Restore and a free 30 day trial.

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